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5 Best Skills That Every Digital Marketer Must Have in 2019

5 Best Skills That Every Digital Marketer Must Have

Let us see what are the 5 best skills that every digital marketer must have in 2019:



Digital marketing is moving at a pace which is beyond our imagination. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it is evolving in a blink of an eye! The marketing strategies become obsolete in no time. However, the underlying principles and core ideas of digital marketing remain the same, regardless of any tech advancement. Value-added content, building strong relationships with the audiences, and adapting to the revolutionary digital world will always be critical to the success of one’s marketing tactics. Along with adopting the new strategies such as LIVE videos on social media platforms, it is equally (if not more) important to emphasize the basic principles upon which the foundation stone of the marketing strategies is laid.

The skill set required in the field of digital marketing can be categorized under two heads i.e. personal / self-developed skills and technical skills. Today we will discuss 5 most important skills that a good digital marketer must possess and will also tell you about 3 major tools for digital marketers that they can use for free:

Excellent Communication:

A major portion of modern business relies on strategic communication i.e. fully understanding and managing client’s expectations. Different platforms are involved for communication with the audiences, such as e-mail correspondences, prompt conversation on social media, physical interaction and on-going marketing campaigns.

Paid Advertising:

It is a no-brainer that significant success is attainable through organic marketing, however, in order to drive more traffic, one must complement these activities with comprehensive paid advertising strategies. If used consciously, paid advertising has the power to enhance organic search performance, boost the ranking, and accomplish maximum visibility of the target audience.

Content Marketing and Management:

Content marketing is all about storytelling and our attention will always go to those who tell great stories. Content is the heart of digital marketing which not only needs to be high quality but also should be effectively drafted to engage the audience. The content can take many forms, from video to emails, web content, blogs or any other form. Creating content is an art of providing valuable, relevant and engaging content to attract and retain an audience on a large scale.

Visual Marketing:

As it is rightly said “a picture is worth a thousand words” and when it comes to digital marketing, a powerful image or a graphic is an incredible tool. Platforms such as social media include visual marketing by using visual techniques along with crisp and effective content that not only spark the interest of audiences in no time but also retain them as loyal customers.

Web Analytics:

Web analytics is taking the world by storm. There are numerous tools that collect and report data on how people respond to websites / social media platforms. In order to understand the requirements of customers, having access to the right kind of data is extremely important for marketers.

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Best 3 free tools for digital marketers from reputed brands:

Here are some tools that are available for free and offer you the best capabilities to help you through various phases/requirements during digital marketing exercises:


Moz is the most respected platform for digital marketers that empower them in diverse ways. You can not only get the wealth of valuable information resources that apprise you about the latest ethical SEO practices with the best potential but can also connect with the respected names in the digital marketing industry to sharpen your skills.

  • You will certainly appreciate the Mozbar that is available in both free and premium versions
  • Even the free version offers you a number of sophisticated tools for an end to end web page analytics, keyword research, and a number of other SEO friendly features

Gravit Designer

  • Powerful tools and extended capacity to design exotic vector designs for different purposes- right from a brochure to icons and even apps
  • Developed by CorelDraw- One of the oldest and most trusted sources for designers


  • The industry-standard tool that is trusted by novice marketers as well as seasoned digital marketing experts across the industry
  • Advanced functionalities to create visually attractive ads and conversion-friendly emails that leave a great impact on the receivers.
  • Along with emails, you can also create awesome landing pages, Google remarketing ads and postcards.



Digital marketing is evolving as we speak and we need to adapt ourselves to this dynamic marketing world. However, the basic principles will always remain the same like building a meaningful relationship with audiences. We must merge the new concepts with the basics and make them work seamlessly.

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