1337x Torrent, 13377x Proxies, Mirrors List to Download Movies, Music, Software, Games

1337x Torrent, 13377x Proxies, Mirrors List to Download Movies, Music, Software, Games


1337x Torrent, 13377x Proxies, Mirrors List to Download Movies, Music, Software, Games –

Now a days 1337x or 13377x are one of the best and popular torrent websites on the internet. Using 13377x torrent website you can easily download music, movies, software, games, apps etc, and many more free of cost. 1337x torrent website is also accessed worldwide for watching latest movies online. 

Once you have access to 1337x or 13377x torrent website you can also find and download movies on platform like Netflix, Hulu and other platforms etc. As you all know that the platforms like Netflix, Hulu etc charge a subscription fee to have access to all the stuff like movies etc.

Most of the users online are using the 1377x torrent web search engine to search for content like music, movies, software, games, apps etc and download free of cost.

There are lot of alternative domains for 1337x torrent web search engine like 1337x, 13377x, 1377x, 137x, 13337x, 13777x, 1773x, 1333x, 1237x etc. All you have to do is just type these domains in google and try to find the working websites. 

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In this article i have mentioned the 1337x Torrents websites list, 13377x Proxies sites list and 13377x Mirrors sites list – Updated for 2020:

What is Proxy?

First question comes in our mind is that what is a proxy? A Proxy sites are known as the mirror sites of a torrent website like 1337x or 13377x. What exactly happens is when a torrent website is banned by the authorities only its domain name is banned which connects with database. There are lot of sub domains available with the name of main domain which are connected again to the new domain by the admin and the torrent website is made live again.

Why You Should Use Proxy Sites?

There may be confusion in your minds why you should use proxy sites, but the reason is in case if you are not able to open the 1337x or 13377x website then you can use the proxy website to unblock and access it. As there are lot of other proxy websites available that are hosting the same files like movies, music, games, softwares, apps etc and you can easily find and download the torrents of your choice.

Ways to Unblock 1337x, 13377x Torrent Website?

You can unblock the 1337x, 13377x torrent website using 3 different ways as below:

  • Web Proxy – 

Web proxies are known as the mirror websites of any torrent website like 1337x which you can have the access anytime the website without any restrictions.

  • TOR Browser –

TOR is one of the browser and also known as Onion Router. It helps hide your IP Address while accessing torrents from your network. Because of this, it becomes impossible for trackers and ISP’s to find out what stuff you are downloading online.

TOR Browser is actually a group of individual IP networks that allows you to create anonymous communication. As a result, you will be able to access even blocked websites across your network. The TOR Browser is free to download and it works like any of the other browsers as well.

  • VPN –

A VPN is known as Virtual Private Network, VPN’s are widely used by corporate companies to protect their sensitive data. Usually people also VPN’s to secure their activities online. By using VPN one gets connected to VPN server first and after that internet gets connected. Mostly people use VPN’s to get access to unblocked and restricted websites. Also another fact is that your ISP or internet service provider will not be able to detect your online activities

There are lot of VPN services available on internet like below:

  1. CyberGhost
  2. NordVPN
  3. StrongVPN
  4. TunnelBear
  5. ExpressVPN
  6. IPVanish
  7. Hotspot Shield
  8. Surfshark

How to Use 1337x, 13377x Torrent?

Actually 1337x is a torrent search engine which you can use to download movies, software, games, music, apps and many more. Also using the website is very much easy.  

Let us see how you can use 1337x, 13377x torrent search engine to work better for you:

  • At first, you have to open up any of the mirror sites from the below list of 13377x mirror sites.
  • After you open the website, you can see a search box in middle of the webpage.
  • You can use this search box to find the content of your choice and download like movies, music, games, software, apps etc.
  • After you have done the search you will get search results below from that you can select the files of your choice and you can download it using a torrent client.

Top 10 1337x Proxy or 13377x Mirror Sites:



I hope this article about 1337x torrent website has provided you the information you were looking for and helped you in your search for 1337x Proxy or 13377x Mirror Sites and other alternatives also. If you have any queries you can comment below and let me know.

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