How to Use WhatsApp Business for Better Productivity?

How to Use WhatsApp for Better Productivity?

Now a days we all use whatsapp for sending messages, pictures, videos and other media documents etc. But from recent updates we all can now use Whatsapp for business purpose as well. So we can use Whatsapp as one of the tool to increase our business productivity. As on February 2018 Whatsapp had almost one and a half billion users, now that figure had been increased much more than our guess. If we go back to the history of WhatsApp, it was founded in 2009 by two colleagues Brian Acton and Jan Koum both were the former employees of Yahoo. After leaving Yahoo in September 2007, they took some time off. They also applied for jobs at Facebook but were rejected. Now we can say that Whatsapp has become one of the most popular messaging application of all time.

What is WhatsApp Business?

Before you talk and explain how to create a business account, it is important to know what a WhatsApp Business account is. When you understand this, you decide whether to download and install the application on your device.

WhatsApp Business is one of the application designed to help small business owners communicate with their customers, respond faster to messages, get analytical information and much more. The application is very similar to the standard application that you probably know.

Important: at this stage you can download the application for Android devices. In current usage, you can also use your computer through the WhatsApp Web.

Some features offered by WhatsApp Business:

  • A business profile with information about your company, phone, address, website, email and more.
  • Statistics include how many messages were sent, how many messages were received and how many messages were read by clients.
  • Marking customers so that it is easy to know what a customer is, and whether it is just an interested customer.
  • Automatic messages, such as greeting messages, voice mail messages, etc.

In addition, there are three levels of business account verification:

  • Confirmed – WhatsApp has confirmed that he owns this account with a trusted and official brand. The verified account has a green check mark in the profile.
  • Verified – WhatsApp has verified that the phone number of the account is compatible with the business phone number. The verified account has a gray check mark in the profile.
  • Business Accounts – WhatsApp did not approve or check the account, but this is a business account. The business account has a gray question mark in the profile.

This information may be visible to the client as soon as he enters the business account of the brand or business.

Let us see How to Use WhatsApp for Better Productivity with the help of below infographic:


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