Are E-Books Efficient? What Are The Pros and Cons of E-Books?

Are E-Books Efficient? What Are The Pros and Cons of E-Books?


Are E-Books Efficient? What Are The Pros and Cons of E-Books?

With the recent advancement in technology and the raising awareness of environmental changes, e-books have been gaining steady popularity. These devices not only serve as all in one for book lovers but also save the great number of trees that would have been cut to make paperbacks for a greater number of people.

With the rising number of readers now investing in e-books, it is safe to say they have taken over the reading world. But all good things come at a cost, and so does this one. With all the advantages that eBooks provide for its users, it has its own setbacks.

Pros of E-Books –

A great number of readers have switched from the old fashioned paperbacks to eBooks. There is not simply just one reason behind this drastic switch, but a great number of advantages that have convinced users to use eBooks. Here are a few of the advantages that readers find with eBooks.

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Writing an eBook Is Simply Easier –


When it comes to publishing books on paperback, any author or an aspiring writer will tell you what a great deal of trouble that is. From finding a publisher to finding stores to sell your book, there are a great number of challenges with paperbacks.

But the same is not true for an eBook. E-Books are generally easier to write as compared to the standard paperbacks. Any smart eBook writing tool will be able to help you out with the process. And in a few simple steps, with a touch of creativity, you will have your own eBook, accessible to millions of readers around the world.

Helps You Go, Green –

If we were to talk about the environmental changes that have been taking place recently, a lot of us could pinpoint the cause to one major factor. Deforestation, trees are cut down for a number of reasons all over the world. And one of the most common reasons is making paper.

E-Books completely skip the step that involves cutting down a great number of trees. Putting books on an electric device, making it available for millions of people, without having to cut down a single tree greatly contributes to a better environment.

Easy To Find –

Every now and then, one of the books by one of the writers makes a big impact on the readers. It becomes a hot topic, and soon enough, everyone wants to read it. Given the high demands of these books, it is likely that bookstores may run out of them. But the eBook will always be available for all, without ever falling short.

Similarly, if you decided to read an old book, from a year that most have forgotten, it may be incredibly hard to find a paperback copy. But an eBook will always be available. Regardless of how old or how new the book is, it will always be easier to find.

Convenience at the Tip of Your Fingers –

It may be the 21st century where everything you need can be bought online and be delivered right at your doorstep, but not every book that you want to read is available on online stores. And even if it is, it takes a day or two for the item to be delivered.

But if you are an eBook reader, you will experience the best of convenience. You will be able to find every book that you want, and it will be available for you right away. No need to wait, or go to a store to get your hands on that book that you wanted to read for a while now.

Carry More Books with Lesser Weight –

While some of us like to keep one book with us and take our time to read it, others are not the same. Wanting to read more is a habit that a lot of us can relate to. But carrying all these books around may not always be possible. If you are going on a long trip and have a limited amount of weight to carry, then taking all your favorite books may not be possible.

But eBooks solve that problem for you. Since they allow a number of books to fit into one device, you can carry all the books that you want. And even though you will have all that you need, it will occupy less space and weight than a single book.

Never Not Enough Light –

A lot of readers prefer taking a good book to bed, with a lamp on the side. It may be the best time and place to read, but the light that you really need to read may not always be available. If the power ever goes out, or you are simply sleeping next to someone you do not want to disturb, you are stuck in the dark, and paperback will not illuminate itself.

But if you read eBooks, you will never find yourself stuck in a similar situation, with the screen illuminating itself, it will never be too dark for you to read. And if you own a good device, you might also be able to adjust the light according to the comfort of your own eyes!

Easy On the Eyes –

A number of paperbacks are very obvious attempts to cramp a greater number of words into a lesser number of pages. This results in extremely small font sizes that are not ideal for everyone to read. These font sizes do not only make it hard to read but may also give the reader a headache from all the extra strain on the eyes.

An eBook has no restraints on the number of words that appear on the screen. So no matter how good or bad your eyesight is, you can simply adjust the font size to one that can be easily read by you with absolutely no strain at all.

Cons of E-Books –

While a great number of people have switched to reading eBooks, there are still some readers who prefer the paperbacks. They have their own reasons to not go with the advancement of technology.

Old Is Gold –

While eBooks are a thing of the present age, and paperbacks may be regarded as old fashioned, there are readers who still think that the essence of reading a book lies in the feel of the pages against their fingers. Something an eBooks greatly lacks.

While going to a bookstore may be a great hassle for some, for others, it is a treasured part of their lives that they find great pleasure to indulge in.

Not Too Healthy –

It has been said before, and it is still believed to date that staring at a screen for too long is not good for health. It imposes a great number of problems, and the worst of them are for the readers’ eyes. While you may read a paperback for as long as you wish, without great strain to your eyes, the same cannot be said for an electronic device.

And if you decide to take your eBook to bed, beware that it may become the root cause of your insomnia.

Books Do Not Run Out Of Battery –

If you own a book that you carry around with you and take your time to read, you do not need to worry about it suddenly closing because you read it too long. But the same can happen with an eBook. If you plan on reading while you are out, you need to make sure that your device is charged beforehand, or you may not be able to read at all.

Conclusion –

The advancement of technology has given a lot of advantages in a lot of aspects, but it has not been able to eliminate all the disadvantages so far. While an eBook comes with a great set of advantages for its users, there are still some drawbacks that it still needs to overcome. Whether you find an eBook more efficient than a paperback simply depends upon your own use and preference.

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