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A Quick Review Of Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

A Quick Review Of Digital Marketing Trends in 2019



The landscape of digital marketing is filled with many innovative trends and techniques. There was a time when artificial intelligence and virtual assistants were considered gimmicks and were regarded as impractical approaches. However, with advancements in technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the integral parts of many industries and sectors including the business and marketing sectors.

The world of digital marketing is filled with hundreds and thousands of trends, techniques, and methods. However, these strategies are evolving, and every New Year revolutionizes these strategies and approaches. With integration highly advanced and innovative technology in the marketing and business industries, these digital marketing strategies are no longer similar to the traditional ones.

Last year has been all about augmented reality and virtual reality, video marketing, animation, voice search and a profitable year for digital influencers. However, the year 2019 has a lot more in stock to offer. To help you in determining the direction in which digital marketing is headed this year, we have compiled a list of all the latest and upcoming trends of digital marketing for the year 2019.

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A Quick Review Of Digital Marketing Trends in 2019:

Voice Search:

This trend gained popularity last year and is still striving hard in the year 2019. Voice search is divided into two basic types one that is conducted through virtual assistants like Google home and Alex and those that are done through desktop computers and mobile devices like Siri.

Many big and successful companies and business organizations are looking for ways to support and provide voice-enabled solutions as these devices are highly affordable and effective. Equipped with refined search capabilities and features, these devices are revolutionizing and shifting the paradigms of online searching and internet surfing. Not only voice-enabled devices help in easing up the search process; rather they also help in improving the SEO of your online content.

Smarter Customer Support:

One of the biggest advantages that have provided to the online business world is Chatbot. These automated and highly advanced bots are fully equipped with every customer support features. These online bots not only answer to the FAQs but they also play a crucial role in providing the customers and user with the right solutions for their problems and difficulties.

These Chatbots also help in improving the overall user experience and also adds values and reliability to your official business site.


Regarded as the largest informative website, Wikipedia has become one of the most profitable marketing sites. Where Wikipedia is popular for providing the users with credible and relevant information and data, this site has gained popularity in the marketing world as well.

Since Wikipedia is a highly rule-bound site, getting success on Wikipedia is not a cakewalk. You require the expertise of a well-versed writer and highly-trained and professional editor for that purpose it is usually advised to go for Wikipedia editors for hire. Where Wikipedia is the largest and most beneficial site for internet users of all types and categories the site has built its reputation in the marketing world as well.


As more and more internet users are using smart devices and phones for marketing and searching, leveraging micro-moments to attract more potential customers and targeted audience is of key importance. By creating targeted and attention-grabbing content, the marketers can reap numerous benefits from these micro-moments.

Apart from optimizing your content for better SEO results, the marketers can create eye-catchy advertisements and introduce product promotional campaigns to enhance the brand’s online visibility and digital presence.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) Marketing:

Augmented reality and virtual reality were introduced a few years back, but they became a popular marketing trend last year. The AR advertisements were one of the major applications and are still used by some of the professional and renowned digital marketers. AR ads are an innovative way of bringing the static environment to life which in turns help in enhancing the user experience.

Apart from integrating AR in ads campaign, numerous business organizations and companies are using AR and VR techniques to innovate and advance their marketing strategies. The trend of augmented and virtual reality is not a new one but only recently after adaption of AR and VR by bigger brands and companies this trend gained popularity. For that very reason, the trend of AR and VR might not leave the digital marketing industry soon.

Live Videos:

Live streaming is probably one of the most effective methods of marketing your product and branding your business in this highly competitive business world. Producing live video might not take much of your time, but its impacts are lasting and far-reaching.

This type of video content is equipped with abilities to not only produce better leads and generate more traffic, but it is also beneficial in leaving a long-lasting impression on the targeted audience and potential customers.


Where AR and VR are dominating the current digital marketing world, AI is the rising star of not only the marketing and business worlds but also of every known human live aspect, industry and various sectors.

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