Are Fitness Watches Worth The Hype?

Are Fitness Watches Worth The Hype?


Are Fitness Watches Worth The Hype?

Fitness gadgets, the newest product of technological development in the world. Or are they as unique as we think they are? The first wearable fitness tracker came out in 2009 by Fitbit. Over time, these little devices have grown on us. They’ve evolved to host more features. Today, a fitness watch can not only track your physical progress but also tell the temperature, track calories, display your unread texts and countless more. The Huawei fitness watch is one such advanced device and worth every dollar.

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How do these devices work?

It is pretty fascinating how a device the size of a bottle cap can do so much. The most basic features are monitoring your heart rate, counting your footsteps and keeping track of calorie intake. The latest, more advanced models can do much more, such as watching your sleep schedule, sync with other devices and alert you on your notifications.

The Pros –

A tracker is arguably the best motivator for fitness freak wannabes. Seeing the number go up gives you a feeling of accomplishment like no other. Plus, it tracks how many calories you’ve burnt and the number of steps which provides newbies with a rough idea of how their bodies work.

We are all aware of the age-old trend of flaunting your accomplishments on Facebook. However, the more advanced models connect to your social accounts and send you messages to encourage your progress.

Trackers give you a better understanding of your health and give you a rough estimate of your body’s fitness capacity. Fat burning happens on the inside. These watches show you a glimpse of your body behind the scenes.

Many fitness plans recommend a certain amount of steps a day. However, making a rough estimate of how much is not the safest bet.

The Cons –

Studies do not support the claim that fitness watches do bring a change in physical activity patterns. The results are often mixed, neither positive nor negative. Some people do see a boost when they’re motivated by the device. In contrast, others tend to neglect the device or are frustrated when the number on the screen doesn’t match the number in their head.

The numbers might not always be accurate. Especially things like calories burned. Every person has a different rate of calories burned per unit of physical activity. So while they are good at measuring steps, they cannot accurately measure other things they claim to measure.

Like other electronics, the pricier, the better, and the better, with more features, tend to be on the expensive side and not the best option for someone who is just trying out the device. It is quite an investment, and if there’s a chance you won’t enjoy it as much, it can just end up as waste.

A lot of people who ended up buying fitness tracks in the hype lost interest after a while. After all, people are more interested in the latest celebrity gossip than the numbers on a watch. So despite performing a pretty impressive role for its size, it doesn’t have much to hold people’s interest for a long time.

Conclusion –

It depends on what motivates you the best. Some people prefer staying organized and keeping track of their exercise habits, while others prefer to listen to their bodies and wing them. Choosing to invest in such a product should only rely on how helpful it will be for you, not whether it helped others or not.

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