How to Choose A Visual Commerce Platform For Your Ecommerce Business?

How to Choose A Visual Commerce Platform For Your Ecommerce Business?


Visual commerce is a revolution in which the eCommerce industry serves its products and manages to achieve higher user engagement and better sales growth.

It is about, attracting the audience by portraying the product with the help of visuals and allowing them to do commerce through social media platforms directly.

And once you get to know the importance and other crucial facts like why and how it is beneficial for your eCommerce business, the dilemma to choose a visual commerce platform will get much clearer after that.

Let’s start with the importance of visual commerce but before that, we will put a quick insight into what does actually the visual commerce platform means?

Visual commerce platform is simply where you can showcase your product better than any other platform. It takes the probability of multiple factors high which are crucial from the commercial aspect. The factors are interactivity, connectivity, user engagement, and managing ability.

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Importance of Visual commerce platform in E-commerce website –

In eCommerce, it is all about doing commerce of tangible and utilizable products online. Thus, to make them globally visible is very important, and that also in an attractive manner, so that the audience can be converted into the customers.

Visual commerce helps in doing so, as it includes all the visually best possible media available online. It can engage the audience by influencing the readers through text, shoppers through images and videos and designers through infographics.

Conclusively, it plays an important role in making the eCommerce content look attractive, easily approachable, and engagement worth.

How visual commerce platform can Increase Your Sales? Why should you choose it?

Visual platform is all about utilizing the visuals in social media platforms and doing commerce with them at a global level.

The very basic reason to choose the visual platform is that almost every single person today has internet access and more than 80 percent of global internet users shop online. Why not play in a ground where the crowd is already sitting to see and cheer you up?

Once, you render a commercial functionality to the user-generated content using a visual commerce tool, the engagement rate with your social media profiles would certainly increase because of certain reasons-

1. Ease in doing purchase in comparison to then when the visual commerce tool was not included.

2. Your buyers can easily forward, recommend, and connect other users on social media.

3. Once your social media profile gets recognition, the users would come back to your account repetitively, and Repetitive purchase is nothing but a direct increase in sales.

Thus, using the visual commerce platform for eCommerce sales would be very profitable.

Five main Benefits to Acquire A Visual Commerce Platform –

1. Add shoppability –

Adding shoppability to your social media profile means giving it a commercial touch and play high with the help of visuals in it.

Not only this, but you can also create your own eCommerce basket by adding the shoppable posts into your eCommerce website and leverage your sales through a CTA (call to action) button.

2. Better SERP results –

Having visuals on your website lets your visitors see them and makes their dwell time longer. This increased dwell-time and improved user-engagement will lead to better SERP results.

Note that, Google-bots mind all these factors including dwelling-time, bounce and exit rate, and then rank the result accordingly.

3. Increased click-points will increase the engagement rate –

The engagement rate of your website will increase with the increase in click-points after adding shoppability to your social media content.

The traffic will be directed towards the payment page of your website which may dwell the user to check the website as well. Ultimately, you’ll find your website’s user-engagement rate better in the near future.

Whereas, in the case of an eCommerce website, once you have showcased user-generated content into your website, your visitors would be more likely to engage with it now onwards. Because people like to see some genuine content displayed as an example rather than finding artificial prototypes using the product.

4. Social media recognition –

When you attach your social media profile to your eCommerce website, the traffic will divert to your social media profile. And that transfer of traffic will reward you a social media recognition as well.

These are some of the basic but main benefits of incorporating a visual commerce platform in your business.

Conclusion –

Visual commerce is something that allows eCommerce brands to achieve their targets easily, by increasing user engagement, the probability to get the product sold through action buttons and lets the user easily engage and connect with the brand.

Visual commerce platform is not only helpful for the customers but is equally helpful for marketers. It helps a customer in thinking almost everything before purchasing a product and it helps a marketer in convincing the customer up to a larger extent.

Visual commerce platform is something that just eases the process and minimizes your efforts in making your eCommerce business successful.


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