How to Enhance Control Over Files With Document Watermarking?

How to Enhance Control Over Files With Document Watermarking?


How to Enhance Control Over Files With Document Watermarking?

The current online digital world, composing thousands of cloud file-sharing services, social media, and blogs, gives unlimited and easy access to a massive text content value. Creating copies of these valuable text contents is virtually costless, making digital users interested in protecting their portable documents through watermarking.

Besides, there are numerous reasons why you will need to add watermarks on your files as a form of protection. Through digital watermarking, the file owner can be easily identified by making it a form of identification. With that, read on to explore the importance and the process of adding a watermark in your portable documents using an online tool.

The Important Usage of Watermarks to Deter Copying –

Digital watermarking helps dissuade recipients from data extraction activities, ensuring that confidential information such as manuscripts, business records, budgets, contracts, health records, or others remains secure and private. Learning how to add watermark to PDF files has two essential elements that are considered the most crucial factor.

A watermark not just simply discourages individuals from leaking files, but in the situation where a leak happens, the root cause of the leak can be quickly determined when the authorized recipient’s name is located on the file. Watermarking also disables downloading and printing, providing users with a different mechanism to keep information secure.

File Watermarking Through GoGoPDF –

You can find hundreds of tools or applications on the web that you can take full advantage of its features to protect your files, but GoGoPDF is the only website that stands out in the competition. This particular tool will do all the necessary steps without even consuming your device’s storage space, and it also offers a free trial when you want to use its advanced tools.

These are the detailed steps to be taken for watermarking your PDF documents:

  1. On the official homepage, head on to the toolbox and pick out the file requiring a watermark in your file manager. To quickly transmit a copy, perform the drag-and-drop method and wait for your records to be forwarded to the server.
  2. Your digital watermarking can be in the form of a text or an image, or you can customize any design that looks attractive to you. Basing on your choice, you can select a photo of your company logo, or you can type a word or even a phrase to make it your watermark. The site will give you the chance to modify your watermark according to your preferences.
  3. The strong point of putting a watermark on your PDF file with the help of GoGoPDF is that you can smoothly place your watermark in any section of your document. You can position it in the center or the middle part for a much cleaner, professional look.
  4. When done and you are perfectly content with your watermark outlook and positioning, click the “Apply Changes” button on the toolbox, and the file will now be ready for download. You can effortlessly save your secured record on your various accounts.

Where Things Can Go Wrong –

The efficiency of digital watermarking is dependent on several components, for example, its visibility. A barely noticeable watermark is possible to be less comprehensive than one that can be easily seen. Placing a watermark that is not clear enough or only a fraction of its image can be seen may also be easier to eradicate in comparison to sturdy watermarks.

Another vital component is the placement. When you position a watermark in a relatively featureless area, it can be eliminated easily than when you place it over on a more complex detail. Besides, data theft may come uninvited and more likely to steal your information if they believe they can save the image itself relatively intact.

Operating System And Platform Compatibility of Using GoGoPDF –

The GoGoPDF website does not require its customers to install or download third-party software or additional apps, making it an easy-to-use web-based tool. A working device and a secure internet connection are the only critical pieces of equipment to initiate the digital watermarking process, no matter which operating system you are currently running.

Conclusion –

A watermark provides many purposes, from preventing data thieves to providing digital users with an opportunity to suggest the file’s status. The position and structure of a watermark are also essential to take into account, as this will affect how easy it is to be eradicated. So, for your PDF struggles, let it be managed by a reliable and easy-to-use tool like GoGoPDF.


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