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Important Tips To Transform Your Blog Content With Quizzes

Important Tips To Transform Your Blog Content With Quizzes


Important Tips To Transform Your Blog Content With Quizzes –

Blogging is a craft as old as the Internet. In the start, blogs served as an online diary for some people. Over time, it evolved into a powerful marketing tool used by businesses of all sizes. It all began with Bill Gates, saying: “Content is king.” Here we are, 20 years later, still looking for new opportunities to improve our blogs, keep the audience engaged, and improve conversion rates.

Some of the most successful blogs utilize quiz generator tools to deliver fun, engaging, and educative quizzes to delight their audience. You can do it with your blog as well. Below you will find major tips to help you transform your blog content with quizzes.

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Empower Readers To Share Their Opinion –

In their efforts to rise above the one-sided approach, the bloggers have started using the comment section. But there are only a few blogs online with a super-active comment section. If your comment section resembles a deserted island, then it is time for some change.

The chances are that your blog content invites readers to form opinions, especially if you are openly expressing your view. With quizzes, you can quickly transform your content and make it more personal. The more you talk about how you see and experience things, the more your readers would want to express their views.

Offer them a quick quiz to express themselves. You can do this for each one of your blog posts to achieve consistency and delight your audience.

Base Your Content Strategy On Quiz Results –

Working on content strategy and filling in blanks in your content schedule is interesting at start. But, after some time, you can easily run out of ideas. Writer’s block is also common in people who are forced to post at least two times a week to stay competitive. Here is an idea- Why don’t you ask your readers what they want to read about?

There are two ways you can use a quiz generator to do this –

1. You can be upfront and offer them a few options so they can choose a specific topic they want to be covered by you.

2.  You can share a sort of personality quiz to learn more about who your readers are and then custom-tailor your content to cater to their needs.

If you are selling products or services directly or through affiliate links, you can create quizzes to find out how much your readers know about the goods you are selling. You can cover the knowledge gaps with great product reviews, how-to guides, and tutorials.

Introduce CTA Through a Quiz –

Many bloggers write content for the sole purpose of boosting conversion rates. If you are sick and tired of coming up with CTAs, you can make it more fun with quizzes. How so? It appears that quizzes pack fun for everyone on both sides of the screen. The CTA and quiz relationship was discovered in 2013 when a quiz helped one firm boost click-through rates by 17% by introducing CTA through a Quiz.

How do you introduce CTA through a quiz? You can use a quiz generator to make quizzes that serve as a sort of customer triage, just like ProProfs lead quizzes. Ask customers about their needs, and offer them unique content that reflects their needs. This will turn the things around as you will be writing content to serve the purpose of the quiz instead of creating quizzes to complement your content.

Leverage Quizzes To Promote Content on Social Media –

While we are still at creating content to serve the purpose of the quizzes, we should mention social media. Building a social media following is quintessential for blog success. Many blogs leverage social media on a daily basis to attract more readers and boost traffic. Why? Because people on social media love quizzes. In fact, according to Buzzsumo, a quiz gets shared 1,900 times on average.

You can use quizzes to attract more social media followers and then serve them with the content they want to read. You can stay ahead of the content and quiz curve by using various tools to discover trends on social media. Some of these tools are Ahrefs Content Explorer, Social Pilot, Hootsuite, and more.

Make Blogs Fun Again –

The new audience has a shorter attention span. You only have a few seconds to make readers interested in your content. Is there a better way to do it but to enable them to have some fun. You can easily do this with quizzes. It won’t be easy to transform all of your content.

You can start by introducing quizzes in your new posts, and adding quizzes to the most popular blog entries. Cutting edge quiz generators support different question types and image and video integration. Your creativity is the limit.

Personalize Results To Generate Leads –

Did you know that you can completely customize the results of a quiz? You can even create completely unique descriptions of each result group and thus offer personalized results to your readers. People love comparing their results with others.

There are two things to take care of though. First, personalized results should inspire people to share the quiz. And, secondly, it has to have at least something to do with your overall blog topic.

Conclusion –

There is no better way to turn content and quizzes into lead magnets. ProProfs lead quizzes are a perfect example of the right tool put into the action. You can even integrate the quiz generator with your email marketing software to send custom emails to people segmented by quiz results.

Quizzes offer plenty of opportunities for bloggers to transform the content and make it more engaging and appealing to the readership. With your experience in blogging and knowledge of who your readers are, we are certain that you will be able to put quizzes to good use.

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