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6 Ways To Reignite Your Inner Creativity As A Content Creator

6 Ways To Reignite Your Inner Creativity As A Content Creator


6 Ways To Reignite Your Inner Creativity As A Content Creator –

Working as a content creator is hard work. While the job may seem like a dream job to anyone on the outside, as you get to play on our computers all day building things that look pretty and sound pretty for use online, in reality, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas and new ways of promoting the same thing over and over again in a way that seems fresh and new.

For so many content creators, this can lead to stress, and perhaps even burnout, from trying to stay creative when the creativity has left.

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Why Is Your Creativity Important?

Creativity isn’t just important for your job; creativity for creative types is like the air that you breathe. Being creative comes as naturally as breathing or as walking, and when this is disruptive, it can feel like a massive weight on your shoulders. Like an artist who has lost his muse, losing your creative workflow can really affect your mood and even your psychology as a person; it’s almost like losing your personality.

If you feel like you have lost your creative spark over the last few weeks, try and some of the tips below to help you bring it back and get you back to creating things that you are proud of.

Check out what are the 6 ways to reignite your inner creativity as a content creator –

1. Find Your Creativity Type –

As with all things in life, finding your type of creativity can be just the thing to help you stay on top of your creativity and to get the best out of your imagination. People learn in all sorts of different ways. For example, some people learn by watching, other people learn by listening, and others learn by doing.

 When children find their learning style, and they have educational materials designed for their learning style, they will find it a lot easier to learn and take in the information. It’s exactly the same for you. If you can find the right creativity type for you, you’ll find creating a lot easier.

2. Try Mindmapping –

This is a technique that content creators across the globe have used for decades! Using mind maps and mind mapping software can help to boost your creativity by helping you to see the patterns and the linking between each section of a product or a problem.

If you’re looking to try to bring your creativity back, try putting a keyword in the middle of your mind map and then think of all of the words that relate to the category of the product. After that, you can work on word associations, and eventually, this should help to spark change within you.

3. Work With Mood Boards –

Mood boards are another tool that has been used by content creation specialists all over the world for many centuries, and they have proven popular because they are so useful. With today’s modern technology, there are online versions of mood boards that can really help to boost your creativity and to help you visualize the problem that is in front of you.

Using tools such as Pinterest to create a pinboard of different ideas can build that creative workflow up again and allow you to create better content with more of a chance of converting.

4. Study Other Creators –

The phrase imitation is the best form of flattery cannot be more relevant than when discussing creative art and creative content. By studying other creators in your niche, you will gain new ideas and new perspectives on the type of content that you should be creating.

While it is not advisable to invest in plagiarism, being open to being inspired by another creative in your field is a great way to inspire your own creativity when it comes to creating the content for the product or service that you are selling.

As the recent spat between British supermarket M&S and German retailer Aldi over Cuthbert The Caterpillar has shown, imitation can be quite funny, at least!

5. Follow Brands Outside Of Your Niche –

A really good tip for all content creators is to follow brands that are completely outside of your niche. This will help you to see what other niches are doing about promotions and may help to inspire some different content ideas in your own niche.

It’s worth going quite broad as well as staying very specific, especially when it comes to social networks like Pinterest and Instagram. If your business is in the financial coaching sector, for example, you may wish to follow leadership and lifestyle coaches as well as sports coaches to get some inspiration, but you may also want to follow inspirational companies and even companies such as beauticians and nail technicians who are always trying to inspire their customers to look good and to feel good.

Following different companies other than those in your niche will open you up to different contact techniques and different ways of engaging with your customers that you can use in your own marketing campaigns.

6. Get A Hobby –

Last but not least on this list of ways to inspire creativity is to get a hobby! Sometimes, as content creators, you could spend so long sitting behind your laptop hoping for inspiration to strike that you forget that there is a whole wide world out there that can inspire inspiration from all corners.

Getting a hobby, be it walking the dog or going for a swim regularly, can really help to both relax the mind and inspire new creativity and creative works. On the flip side of the coin, getting a new hobby also means meeting new people and discussing your work with them. Most of the time, people will inadvertently give you ideas and spark some imagination in you even without trying!

If you are the type of content creator who does their job for both a living and a hobby, you really should consider a hobby that is nothing to do with your job.

For example, you may be a fantastic photographer who takes amazing architectural photos, but you may also have a hobby as an artisan cake baker and cake decorator. These two jobs are very different, and one hobby is almost a polar opposite to the other, but your cake decorating could inspire new ways of looking at buildings for you to photograph, and you may even find some buildings that can inspire a new cake design!

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