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How to Make the Most of SEO for Bloggers?

How to Make the Most of SEO for Bloggers?


How to Make the Most of SEO for Bloggers?

When running your blog, success doesn’t come unless you follow the right SEO strategies. Optimizing your content for search engines begins from the selection of ideas and includes every aspect of your blog. SEO for bloggers is targeted mainly on organic search to generate more traffic.

The optimization process is more straightforward than you expect. All you have to do is to understand the top ranking factors, search engine updates, and follow the right methods.

Let’s dig in and find out how to make the most of SEO for bloggers –

1. Start With the Research –

Before you go ahead with blogging, understand the goals of every blog post. Whether you want to attract a new audience, promote a product/service, or share important information, a clear-cut goal helps in choosing the relevant keywords.

Once you know what you want to write and people you want to reach, start your keyword research. Choose 3-5 long-tail keyword phrases for targeting the audience. Most importantly, select the keywords that are relevant to the content. You can take the help of SEO tools available online for beginners like you.

Here, the intent of the searcher also matters in keyword selection. With 3-5 keywords, you can nail down the probable terms and phrases they use to search for information similar to yours.

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2. Optimize the Pages –

Apart from keyword research, you have to focus on optimized images, Meta tags, and content structure for gaining more traffic. Wrap your focus keyword into the Meta description and alt tags for the images.

Also, place keywords strategically throughout the content. They can be used in the title, headline, body content, and URL. Whatever media you use to engage the visitors, you can make it rich and intuitive. Images and videos are always great at grabbing the attention of users.

3. Optimize for Mobiles –

Due to the growing influence of mobile devices, nearly 60% of online searches come from smartphones and tablets. If you have a mobile version of your blog, Google is more likely to rank it higher with mobile-first indexing.

Create a responsive design and enhance the page speed. Slowing down the pages can bring down the page traffic. So, test the speed of your pages and make improvements if necessary.

4. Create Backlinks –

Backlinks help build authority and trust in your niche when doing SEO for bloggers. They connect your pages to relevant sites through inbound backlinking. Search engines prefer backlinks in their indexing as it helps them in determining the best sites providing content for a specific keyword.

Whenever a site links back to your pages, it creates credibility for your blog. Also, it helps your audience get clarity when reading your content and looking for additional information. When building backlinks, you have to focus on quality more than quantity. Choose the sites having higher domain authority with trustworthiness for this purpose.

5. Design User-Friendly Navigation –

Search engine spiders will crawl through your navigation to determine the sitemap and architecture. If you do not have simplified and user-friendly navigation, your rankings will take a hit. Use standard CSS and HTML to design your blogging site for maximum exposure and high rankings.

Apart from these, integrate other ranking factors like internal linking, proper URL structure, content optimized for voice search, featured snippets, and site security into your blog.

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