Is Online Learning Proving to be Effective for Students?

Is Online Learning Proving to be Effective for Students?


Is Online Learning Proving to be Effective for Students?

For students who are new to online learning, it is understandable that they will feel uncertain about what it is. Unfortunately, due to all this uncertainty, there are quite a lot of misconceptions about online, which makes many look for help with online class, or worse help it for them.

However, online classes aren’t as difficult and confusing as everyone makes them seem. Thus, it is important to debunk these myths which are making all learners feel skeptical.

If you are one of those learners, this article is right for you!

This post will not only discuss some myths about online learning, but will also debunk them.

If you are curious to know more, then read till the very end!!

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Online Learning is Extremely Complex and Incomplete –

There is a common belief that the internet and the involvement of technology make the learning process quite complicated. Not only this, but it is also not for people who are not tech-savvy. Furthermore, students think their instructors cannot complete online courses as they are so complex. Therefore many consider paying someone to do it.

However, the reality is that online learning is extremely easy. The best part is that you do not need any mastery in computers to learn online.

Lastly, whether or not your instructor can complete a course has nothing to do with online or in-person classes, as it completely depends on your teacher’s professionalism.

Online Learning helps in Learning Nothing –

In online learning, students are allowed to learn at their own pace, which makes many think that there is no concept of self-discipline. They also think that students can easily cheat and will get no help with online class. All of this makes the entire learning process ineffective and results in them learning nothing.

However, similar to Brick and Mortars schools, you have to write tests and submit assignments in online classrooms. To prevent cheating, they have detectors for plagiarism and also ask students to open their cameras for the entire test so that they know what they are doing.

The flexibility that online classes provide doesn’t make them less disciplined, rather helps students learn at their own pace and understand the topic.

Online Classes will have Unnecessary Interruptions –

Exposure to technology, for example, phones and laptops with the internet might not provide you with a classroom-like environment. People assume there will be many interruptions that will make students miss out on major topics.

The interruption could be in any form, such as notification alerts, social media, YouTube videos, etc.

However, the truth is if students have strong concentration power, there is nothing that can stop them from studying. In fact, you can focus better in an online learning environment because you are in a comfortable zone and not surrounded by friends, which will help you focus better.

Coping with Teachers that are Incompetent –

There is a misconception that instructors who are teaching online are not skilled. They think they are ineligible and incompetent to teach in an in-person setting thus are teaching in a virtual setting. Students believed traditional schools teach better education as they have the “real professors.”

But the reality is that there isn’t much difference between an in-person and an online instructor. Online instructors are also highly qualified and knowledgeable about the subject in depth. Not only this, but they also have excellent communication skills which are important between a student and a teacher.

Online Learning is Extremely Pricey –

Many think that online learning is extremely pricey because it involves Wi-Fi connection, video conferencing, and computers.

However, in actuality, online education is way cheaper than in-person classes. It helps in cutting down various expenses. Now you do not need to pay for travelling, lodging, and even hard copies of books. Furthermore, many courses are free of cost and can meet your requirements.

Students have to self-teach themselves –

Many students end up thinking that since there is no physical class, you will have to teach yourself. Unlike in-person classes where you have instructors to guide you, many think this is not the case with online learning.

However, it is completely fiction. You will never be left alone, as you will have instructors to help you along the way. In fact, in online learning, you have to interact and engage with them even more, as this is an important part of online classes.

Thus, you need to stop thinking like this because your instructor will help with online class along the way.

There is Zero Interaction with Class Peers –

One of the best parts of traditional classes is that you get to interact with your classmates and make friends. This helps in making classes extra fun as you have someone with you. However, many assume this isn’t the case with online learning and they will have zero interaction with their classmates.

However, the truth is that online classes have chat and video conference features that help in interacting with the class. You can use this technology to speak with friends all around the world. Furthermore, instructors usually make you work in groups so that you can socialize during class as well.

Students Cannot Build a Network –

Many students rely on university and college networks in order to land jobs and get to know about more opportunities. They believe online classes do not provide this relationship building, which will be a problem while looking for jobs.

Well, the actuality is that whether you study offline or online, you can easily build up connections online because it is easy to keep in touch this way.

Conclusion –

Now, you must know that all the misconceptions that you had about online learning were nothing but fiction. Thanks to the article above, you will have a clear picture of what online learning is.

There are various types of online learning programs. Rather than pay someone to do it, you should find the program that suits you the most and enroll in it. You will not be disappointed.

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