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The Complete Guide to Google Ads in 2019

The Complete Guide to Google Ads in 2019

Complete guide to google ads 2019









In simple words, Google ads is a premium advertising platform. Which increase the flow of the customer and target the right audience through PPC campaigns and generate tangible results in a short duration of time. When someone clicks on your ads, you have to pay a certain fee to the ad platform owner. The better your ad strategy is, the more business opportunities will come to you. Check out the Complete Guide to Google Ads in 2019 as below:

PPC is a Professional skills. A lot of digital marketing experts try their luck in Google AdWords. Nevertheless, not all individuals get the desired success. There are many individuals who end up losing a great sum of money for negligible results. So,

What mantra to get the desired success in Google Adwords in 2019?

Let’s find out.

What is Unique about Google AdWords?

Google Ads 







This contextual advertising tool has gained unprecedented popularity all over the world in a short span of time.

Google is a popular search engine used all across the world, most entrepreneurs and website owners love to place ads on it. In simple words,

  • Contextual advertising a set of ad messages that are shown to the targeted audience to meet their exact search queries.
  • You can independently select the websites to Google Ads display.
  • The incredibly flexible settings of the budgeting process are another advantage of Google Ads.

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Effective tips for the success of Google AdWords Campaigns

1. Create a Google AdWords Account:

Steps to Google Ads Login:

  • First of all, you need to visit the official site of Google AdWords and create an account.
  • Use your personal Gmail Account to log in Google AdWords. Here, you are asked to enter the financial information of your business into the system.
  • Define the account name and specify the time zone. If you think necessary, subscribe to the distribution of specific recommendations that help increase the overall effectiveness of the ad.
  • The AdWords charges you for your ads. So, make sure your bank accounts should be ready for the transaction.
  • After finalizing all these things, use the Create Campaign tab to design your first campaign.

2. Choose Google Ads Campaign Type:

Types of google ad campaign








You can choose the campaign type as per your specific needs. “Search Network Only” is the most used start-up campaign.

Google ads display network



Google Ads Campaign Type Brief Explanation
Type 1 It is the simplest and most popular ad type allows you to target ads to Google search and search partner sites.

In fact, only the search network answers questions that come from users.

This means when the user enters the query, it will be displayed in the forms of Ad to the user. Example: You have searched “Toothpaste” Similarly,  the ad of Amway will Pop Out.

Type 2 “Display Network only” is a simple and popular advertising campaign.

which allows you to work with the audience at different stages of the buying cycle.


Type 3 It presents a search network and an optimized Display Network.

Ideal for novice advertisers as they can create one(1) ad campaign, fill it with ad text without bothering to understand the elegant settings of the Display Network.

One company – one budget. It also helps to increase coverage. With its help, you can increase conversions up to 15% and cost may rise up to 20%.

Type 4 Google-shopping advertising campaign. It is a special solution which allows online store owners to promote different products.

Google purchases are shown in desktop and mobile SERPs. This means that Google ads on mobile can easily be visible through this campaign.

Type 5 Video Advertising campaigns.

It allows you to create video ads marked with TrueView, which means that you pay only for the actual viewing of the video or conscious interaction with it.

There are two types of TrueView typologies- TrueView In-stream and TrueView Video Discovery. You can set both of them in the Google AdWords interface.

For both formats, you need to upload a video on YouTube either to a page of your video channel that is accessible to all or only to users with a direct link.

TrueView In-stream video ads are reminiscent of television ads. TrueView In-stream video is displayed on both YouTube and Display Network sites with a built-in YouTube player.

TrueView Video Discovery is a textual block in YouTube search. Users can enter the video channel or on the video viewing page by clicking on the ad.

Always keep in mind that this format is not suitable for attracting traffic to a third-party site.

Type 6 Advertising campaigns for a universal company for applications that allow you to offer them both in iTunes and on Google Play.

You should join hands with digital marketing company Singapore to run such ads and get a tangible ROI on the investment.

3. Determine the Geographical Area:

google ads geographic report





Before starting a premium ad campaign, you must select a display region — set up geo-targeting. Specify only those regions in which your company works. It will help you to use the budget correctly i.e with low budget also.

Geotargeting in Google Adwords-

Type Description Suitable For Not Suitable for
Country Maximum audience reach. You will be able to advertise your products and services to a greater number of users. Online store with a worldwide delivery system. A company that operates its business globally. Companies operating their businesses in certain regions of the country. In this case, it is better to target regions and cities.
Areas within the country For advertising in particular regions, cities or zip codes within a single country. A company that operates its business in several regions of the country. A company that is advertised throughout the country, except for certain areas. In this case, it is better to target the entire country and exclude individual regions.
Area within radius Ads will be seen by those who are within the specified radius from the selected area. A company that offers products and services to the residents of a specific area. A company that wants to reach a wider audience (city, region, country, the whole world).

geotargeting in google adwords















4. Set Daily Budget Limit for Daily Ad Campaigns:

While running premium ad campaigns, individuals want to reduce cost-per-click and increase profit margins. Depending on resources, set a budget for daily ad campaigns.

An internet marketing services company can easily predict the potential cost of a PPC campaign for a particular day and set the budget accordingly. Seek help from them.

5. Write High-Quality Ad Materials:

You need to write high-quality ad campaigns to get ahead of your competitors in the AdWords campaign. You must create the space allocated for the ad text so that your potential customers can redirect to your site using the ad.

“Always keep in mind that even if the users who come to your site from advertising do not provide you with a return, you will be charged for those ads!”

So, deliver high-quality Ad materials with the help of professional content writers.

6. Finalize the Display URL:

Display URL is very important in Google ad Campaigns. It can attract the attention of the targeted audience and allow you to sell more products and services.

Visible URL one of the parts that will be seen by people who see the ad. Depending on your specific needs, select the display URL accordingly. It’s not always a fair campaign strategy to redirect users to your website’s landing page in AdWords-cost-per-click ad. You can use the referral page to sell more products and services.

7. Add Keywords Properly:

Use Google Ads Keyword planner to search the relevant keywords which helps you to directly reach to interested customers.

google ads keyword planner



Keyword Match Types Brief Explanation
Broad match Keywords This will broadcast ads for anyone who is searching for entered or related terms in the Google search network.

This type of match can be very effective when you are in the learning and research phase of the keyword.

Broad Match Modifier This is a relatively well-known type of AdWords matching that many internet marketers still do not know about.

Such ads will get a lot of impressions. Users will have a little more control over ads.

Phrase Matching Phrase matching allows you to further control the search for ads. So, the search query must include the specified phrase.

In such cases, using quotes means that the keyword uses the phrase matching type.

Exact match Exact match is the most limited type of AdWords match.

You can use the exact keyword or phrase to trigger massive sales on low Investment.


8. Bidding for Clicks:

Google AdWords system needs to know how much you can spend for your clicks. The special features of bidders on sites is that they only control the positions and prices of a click for keywords on that particular site.

If you use several contextual sites, then have a look at them separately. Make smart biddings to generate tangible results. You can automate the bidding process for better results. But never ignore the troubles caused by automated bidding.

There is one more solution to your digital problem is SEO, lets checkout which provides you with the better result between SEO and PPC.

Final Remarks

Contextual advertising is a very popular form of advertising on the Internet. Its main characteristic is to match the interests of potential customers and sell products/services comfortably every day. A wider coverage (of the audience) and more business opportunities are its core benefits. Use these tips to get the ultimate success in Google Adwords and earn handsome revenues comfortably.

Author Bio:

Morris Edwards is a Sr. Web Developer and as per his keep experience, he is also a Digital Marketing Consultant in Awebstar: Singapore PPC Services provider. He specializes in sales funnels, targeted traffic, and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 350 companies, influencers with digital products and has created n-number of influential websites with AI (artificial intelligence) and other splendid features.

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