Things You Need To Take Care While Presenting Your Assignment

Things You Need To Take Care While Presenting Your Assignment


Are you guys worried about your assignment? Don’t fret! I am here to help you and I’ll be guiding you on this journey and letting you know all the important points which you need to take care during presenting and formatting your assignment.

So let’s get started,

Undoubtedly, Formatting and presenting of any assignment is crucial, that’s why you can’t run out of this. Therefore, all assignment holds marks for both formatting and presentation. You can find a chunk of related information about assignment presentation and can also take online assignment help for the same.

Moreover, your professor is going to review all the essential things such as word count, your writing style, grammar, spelling, plagiarism, formatting, and layout. Hence, it’s vital for all of you to know the proper way of writing and presenting an assignment.

Take a rundown at the pointers and get to know more about the formatting and presentation of the assignment.

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Finally, Let’s check what are the things you need to take care while presenting your assignment:

Instructions for electronic submission:

Assignment should be done in MS Word and if you don’t have access for the MS Word then one can go for the alternative i.e (Office 365). And it should be done in one of the below-mentioned formats.

  • .Doc
  • .Docx
  • .Xls
  • .xlsx
  • .rtf

If you are facing problem during assignment writing, no worries! you can refer to the assignment help agencies for the same concern, they will help surely help you in designing a perfect assignment and solve your all queries related to assignments.

Take care of Fonts and Spacing:

I would recommend you to go for the standard font which is Times new roman otherwise one can use fonts like Arial, Calibri, and Tahoma and stick to a single font throughout the assignment.

Go for the black text on a white background. Do not experiment with colors this can be daunting for your professor if you have permission only then you can use any other background color otherwise follow the standards and stick to the basics. Additionally, use 11 to 12 point font size of your body.

Spacing is also an important part of an assignment use 1.5 or double spacing and keeps the wide margin this will allow your tutor to leave a comment if required. Also, leave a blank line between para. Furthermore, select your content and justify it by clicking on left-aligned. This is all about spacing if you want to know more in detail you can approach assignment helpers for the same.

Work on your headings:

Headings are the hero of your content, so be specific with it and utilize it in your way in assignments to make it more attractive and splendid. Use bold for headings, and keep it in the normal text do not use italic or another thing. Make your assignment to the point and very straightforward don’t use irrelevant information which doesn’t go with the title.

Create an effective Title Page:

The title page should a game-changing part for your assignment, it needs to be convincing enough to achieve good grades. You need to follow some prerequisite while framing title page such as:

  • Mention your Title of the assignment along with the number of documentation you are writing on. Also, write course number and name.
  • Don’t forget to mention the due date.
  • And mention your full name with your UID

Keep an eye on Numbering, Headers, and Footers:

Numbering is also a mandatory task while writing a resume, number all the pages except the title page. If you insert any table and figures then do the proper numbering. Table captions should be placed over the table while for figures put a caption below the figure. Moreover, don’t number the reference list which you have mentioned for acknowledgment.

Besides, header and footer also have an important role so it’s better to insert header and footer on each page. Additionally, include the following things:

  • Your name
  • UID
  • Course number
  • Assignment number
  • Page number

Keep a check on the word count also:

Do proper check on word count it should not over the word limit which has prescribed by your professor. And your title page and conclusion are not included in the word count.

Good Luck!!

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