Top 4 Sales Prospecting Tools That Every Company Should Use?

Top 4 Sales Prospecting Tools That Every Company Should Use?


Top 4 Sales Prospecting Tools That Every Company Should Use?

New B2B sales prospecting tools are rolled out each year, and as a business owner in such an industry, you will want to leverage these business development solutions. However, before you invest in these tools, you need to study your business sales processes and visualize how to fit your sales team can effectively utilize the technologies. Sales prospecting tools such as sales cadence and dialing tools are vital for business teams today; and if you don’t use them, your B2B company may struggle to grow.

Let us check out what are the top 4 sales prospecting tools that every company should use –

1. Contact Database Tools –

When it comes to prospecting tools, one of the key areas you should be targeting is contact information. The fact is that many sales teams fail woefully because of bad data policies. For example, if your team lacks data resources such as phone numbers, email addresses, and social media contact information it will be hard for you to make the most out of your other B2B prospecting tools.

In the business world, a lot of things change over time, and so do your prospects — people change their numbers or new jobs and new positions. So, always get the right contact info and then make sure it’s up-to-date. Thankfully, in the B2B market, you can always pick your own choice of B2B contact database tools.

Database Tools –

Currently, ZoomInfo and DiscoverOrg are examples of the most trusted and efficient B2B database tools. When you equip your business with these tools, they will allow you to browse through contact data for your prospects according to specific variables. Most importantly, you will be able to search prospects based on different metrics such as company name, industry type, location, number of employees, and so on.

Apart from their ability to feed you with the right contacts, B2B database tools can also keep the contact details of your prospects up to date. Clients sign up for these services because they get value for money, knowing that research work will be done to make their databases complete.

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2. Sales Cadence Tools –

These tools play a crucial function in sales prospecting strategies. They assist sales teams to manage, multitask, and launch outbound marketing campaigns. What’s more, they also allow your sales department representatives to utilize omnichannel communication with your prospects. This form of communication also has several advantages.

Benefits of Omni-channel Communication –

B2B stakeholders usually have their own preference for communication with vendors and the consumption of content. Your targeted outreach may also need to follow these personalized trends. Gone are the days when people would send random emails or make impersonal phone calls. Right now, sales representatives are focusing on relevant and consistent campaigns that are directed at specific targets. There are proven advantages of personalized messaging powered by multi-touch cadence.

Sales tools like and Salesloft are highly configurable. They can also be integrated with your email service provider like Google or Outlook. When you use sales cadence tools, you can achieve the following benefits:

  1. Manage your outreach programs to several people at once
  2. Ensure that your sales representatives are up to their follow-up tasks
  3. Maximize conversion rates by preventing leads from slipping through your fingers.

3. Dialing Tools –

Even though things have changed a bit, the idea of cold calling or killer cold emailing still works for many B2B companies and even one-man businesses. In today’s corporate world, sales teams use 3 main technologies to assist them to make telephone calls.

These are manual dialing, multi-dialing, and call automation technologies.

Manual Dialing –

This is the usual one-on-one phone calls you make with clients, one after the other. Many sales representatives are used to this traditional system of making phone calls. So, they are good at making contacts with prospects by using manual dialing.

Call Automation –

Unlike manual dialing, a call automation system allows salespeople to upload their contact list into a call-making software application. When they finish talking to one person, the call automation system will dial the next contact on the list for conversation.

A dialer configured with call automation tools like Frontspin may offer the following functionality:

  1. Click to make calls and improve the efficiency of sales reps
  2. Call recording for future reference
  3. When making calls, sales reps can whisper to get assistance from managers
  4. Dropping voicemails to avoid repetition

Multi-dialing technology –

This is an advanced technology that has been developed to speed up the call-making processes of sales representatives. Simply put, the multi-dialing technology allows your sales teams to call several people at the same time. When one of the contacts picks up the call, they will be transferred to your headset. In recent times, this technology has been a boon to B2B companies in the USA. Many sales reps have been raving about the efficiency of this technology.

4. Contact Guessers –

B2B prospecting systems that operate outside the scale of CRM software such as Seamless and LeadIQ, also allow you to obtain updated contact info for your leads. Before you can use this tool, you will have to install a Google Chrome plug-in to allow you to name the contacts you are looking for. The Contact Guessers tool will then attempt to find their contact details by using an advanced algorithm.

In particular, Contact Guessers are good at guessing contact spreadsheets. Database tools such as Zoominfo have a higher degree of accuracy. However, that may come at a much more expensive price. Irrespective of the kind of tool you use, there will always be a need for you to validate your data.

The professional social network, LinkedIn, is a wealthy database for B2B businesses. Therefore, if you own a B2B business, you should have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This cool business development tool allows you to search and filter individual prospects and organizations for $100/month. By far, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the best B2B sales prospecting tools on the market right now.

Conclusion –

B2B sales prospecting can be a daunting task for sales representatives. But once you invest in the essential technologies, the results can be very rewarding to the growth of your company.

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