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Top 15 Email Marketing Statistics Helpful for Businesses in 2020

Top 15 Email Marketing Statistics Helpful for Businesses in 2020


Top 15 Email Marketing Statistics Helpful for Businesses in 2020 –

Worldwide e-commerce sales are growing at a rapid rate, convincing the businesses to put efforts and lead the new horizons of success. They endeavor to spend their precious time & money to give a new direction to their business, and marketing is one of the essential concepts to follow. When we talk about marketing, then, email marketing is always considered as a valuable tool.

As you know, there are innumerable ways to help your business to grow, so why should you go for email marketing? Is relying on email-marketing a great idea to achieve your business goals? And there may be several questions hitting your mind. The answer is simple. Yes, you can carry forward the idea of email marketing to give a boost to the sales, customer reach, and growth.

In this blog, we have discussed the positive impact of email marketing on business, along with the realistic statistics to help you understand how email marketing is a one-step formula to rule the e-commerce world. Before you head over to the statistics, let’s discuss, what email marketing is –

Email-Marketing: An Improved Marketing Tool –

Email marketing is one of the marketing tools in which emails are used to promote the number of products or services of a particular business. It also plays a vital role in building a relationship with customers. Businesses inform their customers about the new arrivals or launches, rewards, quizzes or contests, discounts via mails. They customize their marketing strategy to drive the best sales outcomes. If you ask us, then email marketing is a cost-effective way to gain the attention of customers to your business and convince them to make a purchase.

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Let Us Check What Are The Top 15 Email Marketing Statistics Helpful for Businesses in 2020 –

Now you have a clear cut idea about what email marketing is, so let’s take a look at the top email marketing stats of 2020. All the below-listed stats will give you a clear picture of how email marketing is best for your business. Check it out-

1. Global Email Users –

Email acts as a medium to reach millions of people with a few clicks of the mouse. But do you have an actual idea of how many email users are around the world? In 2019, the number of email users across the globe was 3.9 billion. Experts are saying that this number of users will rise to 4.3 billion in the next three years, i.e., 2023. So, here is a golden opportunity for marketers or business owners to grow at a rapid rate through email marketing and taste success in the future.

2. Perfect Time to Send Marketing Emails –

Another stats of email marketing will bring you more close to your goals. Probably, most of the business owners or marketers may not have an idea of the best time of email marketing. Sounds weird? That’s true! If you send marketing emails at the right time or on a perfect day, then you can benefit your business most effectively.

According to Omnisend’s Marketing Automation Stats, “The first ten days of the month are considered as the best to improve the CTR, open and order rates. In terms of average order rate, 29th is the best day.”

On the other hand, according to Sleeknote’s data, the most advantageous time of the day to send emails is between 10 am, and 11 am. This time works best for your subscribers. This email marketing stats will help you to catch the attention of consumers.

3. Average Email Open Rates Across Different Sectors –

According to MailChimp’s 2018 report, the average email open rates across different sectors or industries is 20.18 per cent. Hobby emails have the highest open rate of 27.35 per cent, whereas emails sent by government officials attained the second position with a 26.52 per cent open rate.

4. Most of the Consumer Check Their Emails for Exclusive Deals –

It is now quite obvious that emails are an effective channel to expand your reach. There is one more fact we want to highlight is that 44 per cent of users check their emails to find great deals from several brands.

5. Email Boosts the Sales & Delivers a Strong Return on Investment –

Several statements are made about email marketing that shows email marketing doesn’t deliver the best ROI and is not effective for boosting sales. But the stats of The Econsultancy / Adestra 2019 Email Marketing Census confirms that email marketing is still an excellent tool to generate impressive ROI.

In The Econsultancy / Adestra 2019 Email Marketing Census, it is clear that email marketing assists 73 per cent of companies to rank, which is just more than the figures of SEO, i.e., 72 per cent and paid search, i.e., 67 per cent.

Nowadays, several companies enjoy the massive ROI following a well-thought strategy of email marketing. According to the DMA 2019, you can expect an ROI of 42$ on spending 1$ on email marketing. Such an impressive ROI leads several businesses to say yes to email marketing and enjoy the high-sales rate.

6. Invite Emails Have a High Open Rate –

Open rate points to the number of visitors who opened the mail. A well-thought email marketing is the one that has the potential power to make users open the email. Before we discuss further, let’s see the stat-

GetResponse in 2017 mentioned in one of the reports that invite or welcome emails have the highest open-rate, i.e., 87 per cent. So, why not add more growth points to your business by sending welcome emails to the audience? Construct an email campaign, keeping in mind this stat and expand the reach to more customers.

7. Experience the Incredible Effect of Email Customization –

The practice of customizing the email has become popular nowadays. Slight customization in subject lines has the outstanding ability to generate 50 per cent higher open rates (stated by Yes Lifecycle Marketing in 2019.) If you ask us, then we would suggest you customize welcome mails as it also has a high open-rate (discussed in the previous point) that will make an incredible effect on your business growth and lead you to the path of success.

8. Rate of Email List Subscribers is 1.95 Percent –

Opt-in email marketing statistic has clearly stated that the average rate of email list subscribers is 1.95 per cent. So, if your business has more than 2 per cent subscribers to an email newsletter, then you should make a bandwagon jump to the 10 per cent of marketers that occupy an opt-in rate of 2.77 per cent. For Achieving this opt-in rate, it is necessary to optimize sign-up flow and customize your design for a more on-site engagement.

9. Power of Abandoned Cart Emails –

People mostly put items in their online shopping cart and leave the websites without purchasing it. This is the moment when you can kick off your email marketing skills. Turn this practice into an opportunity to bring those customers back on your website who just leave without purchasing. You can send abandoned cart emails and allow your customer to continue their processing. With the below-stats, you can easily determine the power of abandoned cart emails.

What is the opening rate of abandonment emails?

According to the stats of shopping cart abandonment services, recovery emails have a high opening rate of 40 per cent, out of which 21 per cent of such mails get click-throughs, and 50 per cent complete the purchase process. This stat gives the markets another reason to utilize its power.

What is the conversion rate of abandoned cart emails?

Abandoned emails have the conversion rate i.e., 4.64 per cent, which is higher than other types of emails that record a 0.17 per cent conversion rate. So, being a business owner or marketers, you should go for the idea of sending multiple such kinds of mails to achieve more than 70 per cent of orders.

10. Emails Connect You to a Mobile Audience –

Around 3 billion people own smartphones, and this figure will tend to grow by 700 million in a few years. It points to the fact that there is a high number of smartphone users around the world that you can take advantage of. IBM’s email marketing stats of 2018 revealed that around 49 per cent of mails are usually opened on cell phones. Not only this, but the stats of Optimonster also proved that 58 per cent of people do the first thing in the morning is checking their emails, whereas 14 per cent prefer social media surfing. So, you must use email marketing skills to reach your mobile audience. Build a strong relationship with customers creating well-defined email marketing campaigns.

11. Email is the Most-Preferred Promotion Channel –

Yes, it is. Besides the popular belief that email marketing is dead, because of the introduction of social media, the recent stats on email marketing is showing a new story. Optimonster email marketing stats revealed that email marketing is considered as the most preferred and effective promotional channel for 60 per cent of consumers, whereas 20 per cent of consumers prefer social media channels. The reason behind this limited social media approach is that they only receive promotional messages.

12. Increase the Click Rate Adding Videos to Mails –

Videos are the best tool to generate interest and create a lot of brand converts. Although there are several ways to heighten the consumer’s interest, videos are preferred as an effective one to use. It also helps your brand to stand out in the crowd. Not only this, adding videos to your mail increases the click rates by 300 per cent.

13. Consumers Highly Prefer Mails Containing Images –

If you want to grow your business and expand its reach to more consumers, then you should make slight changes in your email marketing strategy. Add images in your mail to appeal to consumers as the new email marketing stat says that 65 per cent of users prefer emails with images, as it grabs their attention at once.

14. Consumer Sign Up Mails for Rewards –

Yes, that’s true! As per the email usage statistics 2019, around 85 per cent of the audience signs up the mails to win rewards, gifts, special offers, coupons, or discounts. Therefore, marketers have to strategise their email marketing in such a way that they can meet the expectations of their customers and win the online e-commerce battle.

15. Email Reaches a High Percentage of People –

Effective email marketing has the power to reach more and more customers around the world. Some of the stats proved that email marketing is the best channel to reach 85 per cent of people. If we discuss briefly, then the average open rate is 23 per cent, whereas its CTR is 3.71 per cent. Most of the people may fall you into a deep thought saying that social media is far better than email marketing to drive the best results. The recent stats show that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter record only 0.6 per cent engagement rate, which is lower than emails.

Conclusion –

We have rounded up email marketing statistics that a marketer, business owner, or email campaigner should know so that they can take a step forward to the growth of their business effectively.

Author Bio –

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