What Are Top 15 Apps For Intro Video Maker in 2020?

What Are Top 15 Apps For Intro Video Maker in 2020?


What Are Top 15 Apps For Intro Video Maker in 2020?

In 2020-21, 99% of the marketers will use video marketing, and 88% of the businesses will invest in video marketing campaigns. Earlier brands were not focused on video marketing. But today, around 87% of the consumers want to see video ads from brands. Even the brands want to meet customer’s demands. There are tons of video editing and free intro makers for YouTube applications that are being used by the professionals to create and edit the videos.

Many apps are available freely, and they can be used to make and edit videos through phone or tablet. In this article, we are going to discuss 15 such awesome apps. These apps can help the users to create professional apps in just a few minutes and hassle-free manner.

So Let Us Discuss What Are Top 15 Apps For Intro Video Maker in 2020 –

1. Adobe Premiere Clip (iOS and Android) –

Adobe Premiere Clip is a popular and free video editing app. The app is also linked to other Premiere Pro products of Adobe that are equally efficient as its standalone app.

There are two editing modes in the App: one is Automatic, and the other is Freeform. Freeform mode allows users to control video editing, while Automatic mode lets users clip the videos and add transitions. The addition of transitions modes helps users to speed up the video editing process.

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2. KineMaster –

The intuitive interface of KineMaster makes the process of mobile video editing easier. You can add text, music and effects to the videos. In the free version of the app, you will get a watermark in the video. The monthly fee to use the app is $4.99. This is one of the most used apps by Android professionals.

3. VideoCreek –

VideoCreek is a free video editing app for iOS and Android users. The app can be used to create video collages, narrate a separate video clip, and make youtube intro videos. If you want to create a short introductory video and then explanatory video, then the app can be useful. Users can also add music, shape, size, and color to the videos.

4. Quick App –

This app is owned by GoPro and is known to speed up the video editing process. App has fewer features than its sister app Splice. The app can automatically trim and edit the clip by finding great moments. You can also edit and cut the video manually.

5. WeVideo –

WeVideo is a cloud-based video editor or software that can be accessed and hosted online. Users need not work through the hard drive of their system. The free version of the app comes with limited features and watermarks. 10GB cloud storage is offered in a free version for video edits.

6. Horizon –

Horizon video editing app enables users to capture horizontal videos even through any phone position. Regardless of the phone direction, the video is captured horizontally. The phone app is simple to use that can capture the film horizontally.

7. VivaVideo –

For social media and short clips, VivaVideo is a popular app. It has many storyboard styles to edit the videos, and the clips can be modified, merged, loaded and trimmed easily. The free version of the app has limited time to shoot the video, and it has a watermark as well.

8. Splice –

Splice is one of the most popular video editing apps for iPad and iPhone users. You can splice several video clips in a single video by customizing transitions. This app also has an in-built music library to add background music in the video.

9. VideoShow –

If you want to create a video, slideshow, pictures with music, then you can use this app. You can create a video with inbuilt filters, GIFs, and many sound effects. App has made the process of video editing easier. VideoShow is the best app for quick and straightforward videos.

10. Filmmaker Pro –

You can easily manage, share, and create personal and professional videos through Filmmaker Pro. You can easily adjust color gradient, footage contrast, and white balance saturation through the app. Users can use unlimited audio tracks, video clips and text overlays as well.

11. Magisto –

Magisto is a free video editing app that can be used to make amazing videos. The app can save plenty of user’s time in creating professional videos. You can use the app to make compelling Instagram posts. You can use either a free or a paid version of the app.

12. Anchor –

Anchor video editing app is used to create and publish podcasts. You can also create video clips from audio and share it on social media. Vlogs and video interviews can be used to make podcasts. Audio segments can be converted to beautiful shareable videos through the Anchor app.

13. Filmora –

Filmora is a free video editing app that can be used to create videos too, without any watermark and subscription. You can add transitions, overlay themes, and trim the videos as well. The desktop version of the Filmora app is paid. You can add themes and texts in the videos.

14. Clips –

Apple Clips is a free and brilliant app for video editing that can be used to edit the videos and add subtitles in them. You can also give a comic book feel to your video content. Through voice synchronization, you can also add live tiles in the videos.

15. iMovie –

iMovie is a free and popular video editing app but can be used only by Apple users. The app has all the essential features that can be used to edit the videos. The app is quite easy to learn and available with some limited features.

Conclusion – 

It may be a challenge to produce a compelling video consistently. But through tremendous and easy to use video apps like YT Intro, one can easily create and publish video content professionally. Just identify the best app for yourself and start editing it.

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