Top 7 SEO Strategies for Small Businesses in 2021

Top 7 SEO Strategies for Small Businesses in 2021


Top 7 SEO Strategies for Small Businesses in 2021 –

Are you looking for SEO techniques to increase your small business’s website organic traffic in 2021? Read on to learn more about why SEO is such a big thing for the modern business and essential tactics to include in your SEO strategy.

Google’s primary focus is to help users find all sorts of information conveniently and as fast as possible. However, over the years, businesses have learned how to use the platform to market their brands and sell their merchandise. The present-day consumer is also increasingly becoming reliant on the internet to find and buy different goods and services. Research shows that 87% of Americans will search for products online before they go shopping. So, any business that seeks to enhance sales must focus on increasing online visibility.

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Why is SEO so important for your small business?

Organizations like Aqueous Digital SEO Services that fully tap the online space enjoy good relationships with their clientele and can help in implementing your digital marketing strategy in best way and also have better brand awareness, and are capable to derive more revenue. The web provides you with an opportunity to generate more qualified leads with higher close rates.

So, why isn’t every business with a website page enjoying these benefits? The simple answer is that thousands of organizations offer products like yours, and they’re all on the internet competing for the same clientele. And that’s where SEO comes in handy; the earlier the users can locate your website during a Google search, the better.

Here’s the thing – most users do not go past the first results page of a Google search. Studies suggest that the first three results will receive up to 60% of the traffic. SEO seeks to ensure that your website pages appear at the top of the lists of all related Google searches. So, you can attract more traffic and generate more leads.

There’s no surefire SEO strategy that will deliver instant results. You must be dedicated and open to trial and error until you find what works for you. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any tested-and-proven SEO techniques.

Here are our top 7 SEO strategies for small businesses in 2021, that your small business can implement without much of a hassle –

1. Follow the Inverted Pyramid Writing Style –

The earlier users can locate valuable information within your content, the more likely they will read on. The inverted pyramid writing style involves placing the most useful information at the beginning of your articles and the least valuable at the bottom.

If you can get the users to stay within the page for one more minute, you can hook them up to read the whole article. And the opposite is true – if they can’t see any helpful content within the first few lines, they will quickly move to the next item.

The inverted pyramid writing style is closely connected to proper content formatting. Rich text formats like headings, subheadings, and highlighting important sections make your contents easy to read and more appealing. Also, ensure that your paragraphs are short (2 to 3 sentences) and precise.

2. Create Contents Based on What Your Users Want –

As we’ve pointed out severally, Google is more of a big data platform than a marketing tool. Users come to seek information. If you can customize your content to address what your target market wants to know, you will definitely attract more traffic.

Which are your best performing web pages? What are users within your niche talking about most in social media platforms like Quora? What are they saying in your articles’ comment sections? These questions and data from Google Analytics will help you know how best to tailor your content to attract and retain maximum users.

3. Optimize Your Website Speed –

Nobody likes pages that take centuries to load. When Google realized that site speed was such an important factor for users a decade ago, they immediately included it as one of their ranking factors. Slow pages usually receive very few visitors who tend to leave even before they complete loading. Google has a whole suite of tools –Test My Site, Page Speed Insights, Accelerated Mobile Pages Project– to help businesses test and optimize their site speeds.

4. Ensure That Your Website Pages Are User-Friendly –

More than 60% of daily Google searches come from mobile phones. That’s why the platform’s developers have continually been reminding organizations to ensure that their websites are mobile-friendly. Mobile friendliness is one of the main factors in Google’s ranking algorithm.

Can your content realign to fit into different screen sizes? Are your landing pages as easy to navigate using a mobile device as they’re via an office desktop? Here’s a complete guide from Google on how to ensure your pages are mobile-friendly. You can also copy specific contents’ URLs and paste them on the Mobile Testing Tool for a quick on-the-spot mobile-friendliness test.

5. Optimize Your Content with Infographics –

Research by Search Engine Journal shows that the human mind is 30× more likely to concentrate on visual illustrations than text contents. Besides attracting user attention, infographics enable you to explain complex concepts in the simplest ways possible. With 65% of people being visual learners, optimizing your content with relevant infographics is one simple but very effective SEO technique.

6. Research & Use the Right Keywords –

This is probably the most common SEO technique, but it’s not the simplest. You need to conduct extensive research to find out the keywords that consumers are likely to use when searching for your products on Google. Thanks to technology, advanced tools like KWFinder, Google Keyword Planner, and Moz Keyword Explorer allow you to enter your desired keywords and find the right combinations.

If your business has a low domain, it may not be appropriate to use highly searched keywords. This is because companies with high domains may overshadow yours as they’re also trying to be ranked high for the same keywords.

Another mistake most people make is keyword stuffing, i.e., riddling your content with so many keywords that aren’t even appropriate.

7. Claim Your Google My Business Listing –

Through Google My Business Listing, you can control how search engine pages display your business. You can also help surfers find more accurate information about your organization by including the physical location, address, or contact information. Google My Business Listing is particularly important when you want to optimize website visibility for local searches.

Receive Professional Help with Your SEO Efforts –

We understand that your small business may not have the requisite expertise or financial muscle to run a full-fledged SEO campaign. It happens to the best of us.

Let BizIQ, a leading small business SEO company, help you out at just a fraction of your digital marketing budget. Our SEO experts boast years of experience in helping over 20,000 businesses like yours optimize their website visibility, enhance online engagements, and draw more traffic to their sites.

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