Top Techniques To Help You Build Your Child’s Numeracy Skills

Top Techniques To Help You Build Your Child’s Numeracy Skills


Top Techniques To Help You Build Your Child’s Numeracy Skills –

The first few years of life are when children learn the most. At this stage, their brain simply absorbs information, from the events happening around them.

While most parents worry about the development of their child and compare it to other children, the simple truth is that children develop at different rates. What’s important is that you give them the best support possible and encourage their development.

As part of this, it is important to choose a reputable educational center, such as this Croydon early learning center. Alongside this, you can utilize the following techniques to improve your child’s learning and particularly numeracy skills.

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Why Numeracy Skills?

Although some parts of math seem complicated and unnecessary for everyday life, the basic numeracy skills taught to young children are essential for a huge variety of daily tasks. The basics include simple adding, multiplying, subtracting, and dividing.

Math also includes shapes, recognizing patterns, and even measuring time and distance.

That’s why you need to use these techniques:

Do Math Together – 

The basic rule of learning is that it needs to be taught. In other words, sit down with your child daily and do some math with them. You can start by doing some simple equations, adding two numbers together. When they are very small you do this yourself with them listening. As they grow they will take over doing the sums.

Find Math In Everything –

The basic principle is that math is present in everything that you do. You can illustrate this to your child from the moment they are born by introducing math during play. For example, if you are playing with blocks count them, move them around and count them again. This introduces numbers as well as adding and subtracting.

You can do the same when putting on shoes, walking down the road counting steps, or even how long it takes to cross the road.

Playing Shop –

Most children love to play shop and it’s a great way to introduce them to basic math. Encourage them to be the shopkeeper and you can buy different quantities of things as well as ask them to work out your change. They may need a little prompting but the fact that they are thinking about it means that they will be learning.

Treasure Hunts –

What better way for your child to have fun than to do a treasure hunt. The fact that they will have to solve math, and even other, puzzles along the way make sit educational. But, your child will only see the fun part.

However, regardless of how you introduce math to your young child, you need to make sure that they don’t feel hassled or pressured to learn. Keeping it light-hearted and remembering that children generally have short attention spans, will produce better results.

Equally, children develop at different rates, you need to work with your child and praise them for what they achieve, this will build their confidence and help them to learn more.

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