Why is Data very Important for Companies?

data for companies


In every institution, banks, offices, everywhere you will need to store stock of information. Now a days Data is very important for companies it is an integral part of every organization as it consists of raw figures and facts. Analyzing data is everywhere surrounding your lives. Facebook suggests friends for you; Google can even think and predict your mind for your search before you complete typing the sentences or words. Or your trip advisor searches and suggests for your as per your budget and even Netflix can predict which show you might want to watch.

In the traditional method, people used to keep record books for storage information. Then people moved to systems and laptops with the aid of excel sheets or Google spreadsheets for data storage. Now, people have moved on to software known as database and big data which has its algorithm. Machine learning, which is an evolving prospect in today’s technology world, works based on big data.

How big data and database functions?

As the name itself signifies big, so it is huge. You will collect data and information on a large scale, which is growing with time. On the other hand, a database is defined as the collection or storage of all the data.  Big data is mainly characterized by three V’s as in volume, velocity, and variety.

Use of big data in the social network platform

The Internet has taken over everybody’s life. Social media has become an integral part of the daily routine. People stay more connected globally. Even businesses are growing exponentially through the medium of these platforms. Social media marketing has reached a new level with the emergence of big data.

Marketers use big data for futuristic planning of social media campaign by trying to know their potential customers in every way. For example, businesses utilize your social information when you update your status or upload photos, videos on the social media platform. These social media contain useful information like your demographic, businesses analyze and manage your data to get a competitive edge.

Big data application is used in several domains, like business personalization. This allows certain brands to approach your potential customers based on their choice of likes and dislikes. With the aid of big data, only those advertisements with brands are visible only when you as a consumer want to see.

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Big Data Trends in 2019 –



Businesses have moved towards data-driven technology. Online businesses consider big data as an integral part of the business. Some of the tools which will become a trend in 2019 in big data are

  • Machine learning streaming – Efforts are being made to combine the use of the Internet of things (IOT) and streaming machine learning. Machine learning works based on stored data in a controlled environment. The main focus is communication with humans to be made more appropriate responses to various situations. Our home appliances are being controlled by technology, know an IoT. Tasks get automated with smart devices like Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortona. This is drawing companies to invest and focus more on technology.


  • Platforms for Artificial Intelligence – Be it small or big business organization and its process are becoming more improved through Artificial Intelligence. AI can now execute tasks and make them faster and precise than a human being. The overall flow in the process gets improved by cutting down errors.


  • Data migration to the cloud – Stored information is expected to be formatted and transformed into digital format to migrate to the cloud. This process will benefit businesses in the long run.

How are databases and big data used in everyday life?

Databases are used in many aspects of life. It is used in all applications to keep track of your customers, employees, inventory, accounting information, and many more.

The rise of the database from paper to digital has made a huge impact in our life. Today, you can access any data from anywhere easily at your fingertip. Only if the information is entered accurately, then you will get all the data easily.

The database helps in streaming television online

Through an online streaming platform like Netflix and Hulu databases can generate and list out a series of shows and movies of your choice.

Databases in online gaming – People across the globe are more prone to gaming. Databases can collect individual player information and matching it to another player a

Your photos and videos can be stored in large cloud storage. Smartphones and tablets sync it for you. A small portion by cloud storage has been dedicated to you. Databases have abundant use in financial services from the stock market to tracking huge amount of every transaction

Big data is prevalent in everybody’s life. When you browse for a product online, you might have noticed ads popping up. This is what big data does; companies use this data and track your browsing habits, such as posts in social media and ads clicking nature. This makes big data what you are thinking about and comes up with suggestions of your search and what you want to buy.

Big data in physical fitness – Many wearable devices like smartphones and smartwatch can track and monitor your physical fitness. It can also identify if you are suffering from any illnesses such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and so on. However, such records could be contradictory as it is self-assessed and reported.

Big data has had a big contribution to banking. With big data, you can find out if your credit or debit card has been used by someone else for unauthorized transactions. Through computer technology banking industry can figure it out if any suspicious activity like a huge amount of transaction has taken place from anywhere at any time.

Police are now using big data to analyze and predict if any crime is taking place in an unknown location. Base on criminal behavior patterns police can store and look at the criminal record.

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