10 Latest Internet Trends to Look Forward In 2019

10 Latest Internet Trends to Look Forward In 2019



With the continuous evolution of technology, every sphere of our lives has been affected, for better or worse. Every year brings in new trends and changes, which become a prominent part of our daily routines. The virtual world of the Internet, in particular, is changing rapidly every year, and with the world becoming a global village, trends seem to spread like wildfire.

With the year 2019 in its full bloom, let us consider some of the latest trends this year has brought with it and the effects these trends will have all around.

What Are The 10 Latest Internet Trends to Look Forward In 2019?

1. Rise in DIY Solutions for Applications:

DIY solutions (Do-It-Yourself) are gaining more and more popularity day by day. Applications being developed these days contain easy to use interfaces and thorough tutorials, which help people operate them on their own. Experts were required to handle tough applications for a long set of years, but in this year, we can observe a wide number of applications that readily facilitate the do-it-yourself cause. Be it music related applications, or a house designing software, you can see the glimpses of self-sufficiency everywhere.

2. Passwords are Becoming Obsolete:

As we have observed in a number of mobile devices being released these days, passwords are becoming a thing of the past. With touch sensors making our lives easier and more convenient, everybody wants to join in the bandwagon. Identity confirmation has been taken to the next level with iris scanners and the ever-advancing facial recognition features. Even the most sensitive of data transactions such as those related to the banking sectors are being conducted with simplistic swipes and hand gestures, which is indeed a step forward.

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3. Remote Working is the ‘IT’ Thing:

With the world becoming a global village in the modern era, remote work environments are gaining major popularity. You don’t always have to be available at your desk in order to get important stuff done. With remote connectivity options, any capable computer can become your personal work station through a set of applications and security protocols. Working parents often have to take care of their families as well as their work; working from home has become more of a necessity. This year is bringing in upgraded efforts towards the betterment of such facilities. Major Internet Service Providers are offering remote solutions to problems in real time. At&t and Comcast are notable names which prove to be particularly useful in this regard.

4. Video education is becoming widely popular:

With the rising credibility of famous portals like Khan Academy, video education is becoming widely popular. Reading through a certain piece of information might be more thorough but videos can cover the same thing in a quite smaller span of time along with a number of added benefits. For instance, videos generally incorporate interactive and interesting visual elements. On top of that, we humans have a certain part of our brain dedicated towards photo memory which tends to store images the way they are along with the content included in them.

5. Videos acting as introductory tools:

There are a wide number of websites popping up these years which open up with video tutorials regarding the various ins and outs and how to make the most out of the website. 2019 has seen a number of webmasters changing the layouts of their websites and incorporating video elements to boost their traffic and rankings. A simple call-to-action play button urges the audiences to get the entire layout in merely a minute so that the mood doesn’t dull and the message is conveyed.

6. Subscription services on the rise:

We have all heard of Netflix, right? There are a wide number of other portals including Netflix, which have given rise to monthly subscription services to facilitate their customers. A number of old players have included subscriptions to their offerings, as they have understood how convenient these can be for customers. The data trends clearly suggest that this year is observing even more people shifting towards subscription services as it helps them find tailored content along with the option to choose their payment plans.

7. Voice interfaces are taking over:

Bixby, Siri, and Alexa, we have all heard these names repeatedly especially in recent years. As you may have already guessed, all these are voice assistants, which are helping audiences be astonished and facilitated at the same instance. Developers across the globe have identified how consumers are shifting towards using their voice assistants and are therefore trying to offer better and more thorough functionality. 2019 is giving us upgraded versions of a number of prominent voice assistants such as Bixby and Alexa and their utility is ever evolving to the verge of where we just need to say something simple and complex solutions will be presented to us.

8. AI and machine learning have advanced:

Machine learning is the need of the hour as various devices read users trends and adapt the utilities accordingly. There is a reason after all behind the reinforcement of machine learning and advanced AI features in mobile devices by major companies like Huawei, Samsung, and Apple. They have identified that audiences don’t have enough time to go through each and every list to find objects that suit their interest. Therefore, if a machine or an application readily tailor an accurate list in response to what we love… voila! We have finally been understood!

9. Netflix might be facing competition:

We have seen how Netflix has taken over the world by storm in the past few years. This ever-rising popularity of Netflix and the dependency of users over it is a serious threat to a number of companies. Therefore, this year, a number of major corporations like DC and Marvel are planning to cease launching their exclusive shows over Netflix and come up with their very own version of streaming service to share in with the massive profit streams. It is a plan in progress as of yet, but by the end of this year, we might expect some major announcements in this domain.

10. Rising concerns regarding data security:

With the major data leaks over Facebook and a number of other portals in the previous year, the general public is getting more aware regarding their data security. People have started rising justified concerns, which is very healthy for an unbiased and unexploited system to function. We can also see a number of new forums opening up regarding these security issues. Not only that, the general spending of people towards anti malware software has also seen a rise over the course of the past few years.

These are just a few of the visible trends, associated with this year. Every year comes a number of secrets that unveil as time passes. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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