What Are 5 Free Things You Can Do With PDFBear?

What Are 5 Free Things You Can Do With PDFBear?


What Are 5 Free Things You Can Do With PDFBear?

If you’ve heard of PDFBear, then you probably know it as the free pdf companion online. Most don’t know that the website offers a premium version that you need to pay for. This list is a small collection of five things you can still do in PDFBear without paying anything.

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Check out what are 5 free things you can do with PDFBear –

1. Split PDF On the House –

Did you know that you can split PDF online through PDFBear? How about combining pdfs for absolutely free? If you didn’t, then now is a good time as any for a brief explanation of these PDFBear features. I considered these two options as one since both could be visualized as two sides of a coin.

The Split PDF feature of the site is a program that will allow you to divide a pdf document into various separate pdfs. The original pdf could be split in half or into single pages if you wanted to. This feature is beneficial if you’re going to sort out the topics or lessons in a subject-related pdf or if you’re going to separate an annual sales report into four quarters.

2. Merge PDF On the House –

On the other side of this coin is the Merge PDF feature. If it isn’t apparent enough, this program will let you fuse numerous pdfs into a lone pdf file. Merging pdf is beneficial for those who want to compile school notes into something like an album or if one wants to collate all the memos disseminated throughout the year.

3. Free Security –

Protecting your stuff will almost always entail a payment. If you want to protect your jewelry and money in the house, then you’d need to buy something like a safe. If you wish your house to be protected, you’d need to invest in a home security network. But for pdfs, it’s a different story. Through this PDFBear feature, you’ll be able to secure your pdfs without paying.

Protect PDF is a free to use program developed by the creators of PDFBear. It lets you create a password and encrypts it into the pdf file. What this does is make your document viewable only to someone who inputs the correct passcode. This can be very handy for those secret, personal files or companies that need to keep confidential documents under lock and key.

Of course, it is only natural for the site developers to include a feature that lets you remove the encrypted password. Use the Unlock PDF option when the document in question isn’t as important anymore and needs to be tucked in a corner folder in your drive. This will make it easier for you since you don’t have to remember a passcode anymore.

4. Conversions For Zero Dollars –

One of the best things about PDFBear is its conversion tool. Aside from being free for use, it has an extensive array of available conversions for your pdfs. Those options could be divided into two categories: Convert From PDF and Convert To PDF.

Convert from PDF means the original file will be in a pdf format then transformed into one of the available formats. Changing pdfs into the commonly used formats like ppt and word will make the document editable without learning how to edit the file in its pdf state.

On the other hand, Convert to PDF means the original file is a standard format that will be converted into the pdf format. One of the main reasons why converting to pdf is a thing is because a pdf document’s contents cannot be changed or edited easily. It also keeps the layout and format of the original file.

5. Repair PDFs Free of Charge –

The last item on this list is an actual game changer to the point that it almost feels like cheating. The alternative to this feature is to pay a computer technician that probably uses a similar software from what PDFBear has.

Repair PDF is the site’s repair kit program. Basically, it will attempt to fix or restore any damaged or corrupted pdf files that you have. I say attempt here because there is no assurance of a complete restoration. If the file is too broken, what the program does is fix it to the point where it is, at least, workable.

Conclusion –

PDFBear is known to be a free online pdf multi-tool, but it also has a premium version that you need to pay for. But even though its free version is limited, there are still many things you can do with it. The list here is just a preview of what you can do for free on the website. If you want to learn more, visit PDFBear and explore it yourself.

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