What Are Top 3 App Store Optimization Tools to Adopt in 2021?

What Are Top 3 App Store Optimization Tools to Adopt in 2021?


What Are Top 3 App Store Optimization Tools to Adopt in 2021?

Summary: Viewers check their phones once every 12 minutes on an average and most times than not it is to view a mobile app. The ultimate goal of your app development and marketing endeavors should be to get featured within these views of a regular user.

Getting an app developed as per your mindset and requirements is just half the battle won. You would also want it to get featured on search lists and downloaded by your intended customers to each its success goals. This simply cannot happen on its own. You would need a comprehensive App Store Optimization strategy in place to get things moving the way you would want for your mobile app.

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What is App Store Optimization?

There are two main app stores out there, the Google Play Store for the android apps and the Apple store for the iOS based apps. App store Optimization is basically a strategy to ensure that your mobile app features high on the search rankings of these stores. Similar to the concept of SEO for websites, app store optimization ensures that mobile apps not only get viewed, but also receive high CTR’s (click through rates) and thus, downloads.

Why is it so important for your app?

You have developed a mobile app or are in the princess of doing so. But, the rest of the world; and especially your targeted audience, won’t know about you or your brand and app presence unless they are explicitly told or are able to witness your presence from their own eyes.

This is exactly what ASO (App Store Optimization) does. It gets your app at the right place, at the right time and to the right people to gain maximum mileage. An erstwhile ASO strategy ensures that your mobile app and your business, therein receive:

  • Ample Search ability: Since more than 65 percent of all downloads occur through mobile app searches on the app stores, it is more than necessary for mobile apps to feature high in its rankings, especially for their industry specific keywords.




  • Higher ratings than Competitors: It has been well established that higher your app ranks in searches, higher are its chances of getting clicked and downloaded. So, if you wish to rank higher than your competitors; you need a well thought out ASO strategy.


  • Higher ranking for Keywords: There are certain keywords that define a certain product, services or industry that you may be connected with. Ranking higher for these keywords is important for any and all business aps.


  • Semantic Searches : As a mobile app owner, you would have to ensure that your mobile app consists of ample backlinks to the apt semantic searches and meanings, to ensure your app comes up when your industry or products and services are looked for.


  • Top of the Charts : As a mobile app owner you should target to reach there, slowly but surely. Being a search top of the chart might take time organically, but the fruits of this labor are utterly sweet for businesses.

Still contemplating? You could go through this App Store Optimization guide to get a clearer idea.

Though not limited to, correct and ample keywords form the basis of effective App Store Optimization. The following 3 types of application tools can help you find, analyze and resolve them for maximum effectivity of your ASO strategy:

Check out what are top 3 App Store Optimization tools to adopt in 2021 as below –

1. Tools that will make your App Intelligent –

Examples: SensorTower, App Annie

These tools shall enable you to monitor all over development, usage and affect of your mobile app globally. These tools will tell you about:

  • Your apps overall out front to the world.
  • Track, test and help you analyze and optimize your app’s keyword strategy.
  • Your competitor’s inclusions for their app store optimization.

These tools shall help you effectively measure your apps traffic, its difficulty and issues. These are secure, robust and powerful tools that shall also help you in finding missing keywords, keyword translations, downloads, revenue estimates, app usage and user tracking, amongst others.

App Annie inculcates a praiseworthy database system that enables comprehensive searches and provides effective insights about the market. It also includes App store tracking with features like Top charts, Rank History, App details, etc. With separate trial versions, business packages and enterprise solutions, these tools can provide customized value options as per your mobile app requirements.

2. Tools for Keyword Optimization –

Examples: KeyWord Planner, App Tweak

These tools provide complete know-how about the requisite keywords, their optimization strategies and user experience insights to increase your app or game, increase its visibility both on the app stores as well on the web, boost organic downloads and find new growth opportunities. As per app trends herein these tools are helping companies find longer tail keywords with less competition over and above generic keywords with a lot of competition.

App tweak covers data and options for 60 countries in its iOS versions and shall help you analyze the relevancy of your app in these countries through appropriate stats, visuals and more. Though these tools may require expertise and market knowledge to inculcate and use; they can help you devise a really smart and powerful ASO strategic plan altogether.

Google’s keyword planner is a very simple to use keyword tool that allows users to shortlist relevant keywords and check them for effectiveness and efficiency.

3. Tools to Analyze reviews –

Examples: Apptentive AppBot

Reviews are an important part of mobile app store content that directly and indirectly affects mobile app downloads.  Apart from affecting the ASO strategy, bad reviews also dissuade forthcoming viewers from downloading the app. These review analyzing tools help enterprises and companies to create an environment wherein these companies receive better feedback and reviews.

These tools accumulate and track app store reviews, support tickets, social media, NPS, surveys & more; to ensure mobile apps receive the feedback and love from customers they deserve. These tools also help these apps reach a broader base of customers.

App Store Optimization (ASO) can make or break your mobile app –

ASO enables an app owner and an app developer to understand how and for how much time a user interacts with a mobile app. There are many ways to optimize your app and some of them have been mentioned above.  These ASO tools help to track the effectiveness of an app for a user and also outline its ineffective parts.

So, they should be a part of your app marketing strategy too to enhance your app’s effectiveness in their relevant stores and industries. Apple and Google on one hand are working to fine tune their search prowess to find targeted results and competitive businesses are fine tuning their ASO approaches on the other. So, if you are not on this bandwagon; your app is surely going to lose out in this race.

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