Are Cable TV Packages Worth The Money in 2021?

Are Cable TV Packages Worth The Money in 2021?


Are Cable TV Packages Worth The Money in 2021?

At face value, streaming services seem to be less expensive as compared to cable TV services. However, it ultimately depends on your needs and what you want to watch and what your preferences are.

What we tend to overlook is the fact that in order to thoroughly enjoy streaming services, you need to have a steady and stable internet connection that has a good amount of data so that you’ve no hassle while watching it.

Moreover, you should consider the fact that you’ll probably share the streaming service with others on the same internet connection, which will slow it down. The main drawback is that you may end up paying more if you were to only avail an internet connection.

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Let’s take a look at some factors that may impact your decision and check out are cable TV packages worth the money in 2021?

1. You Can Bundle With Cable TV Providers –

The most appealing thing about cable TV packages is that you’re allowed to bundle your services. Most cable TV providers include internet connection and home phone services in their packages, which results in a better price value.

However, if you were to choose streaming services, you won’t be able to bundle them with any other services. In fact, you will have to get a good internet connection so that your streaming service functions perfectly.

If you already are on a cable TV package and are considering to cut it, we recommend that you think twice because you’ll need a good internet speed, and without a bundle, be prepared to pay more.

Speaking of affordable cable TV services, Spectrum Gold Package offers great value for money by offering all three essential services at a discounted price.

2. Price Negotiation –

People usually choose to cut the cord once the promotional period is over. Most cable TV providers have a fixed monthly subscription for the first 12 months, and the cable cost increases at a substantial rate afterwards.

The interesting, or perhaps the less known fact about cable TV providers is that some of them leave room for negotiation. They may not have an issue with wiggling with their pricing. This of course works more for those of you who had been paying religiously every month without fail.

They wouldn’t want to lose you as a customer and will try their level best to provide you with the best entertainment value that fits your budget as there’s always been a sense of competitiveness in the cable industry.

Competing cable providers will try to steal you away from you current provider. So, if you’re looking to save money and are unsatisfied with your cable provider, speak to their competitors. They’ll offer you all types of incentives to entice you to switch to their service.

3. Live Sports and Events –

In these COVID-19 times, most sports fanatics avoid watching live sports. As a matter of fact, sporting industries are either allowing limited people or zero spectators to come and watch their players play live.

Cable TV, hands down still have a stronghold on sports coverage. Sports packages give you access to premium international and regional sports networks. Whether you want to watch international soccer, colleague ball or catch every NFL game, cable TV’s got your back.

You can also customize your cable TV plan with various sports packages. Apart from sports, cable TV also gives you access to live events. If you’re someone who loves the red-carpet or Holiday special, think twice before getting rid of your cable package.

You can enjoy the Oscars and Grammys right from your couch on cable TV. Moreover, you can also find a number of Christmas and New Year’s specials only on cable. People don’t realize their mistake of cutting the cord until it’s time to watch then all over again.

4. Pay-Per-View and New Movies –

Okay, can we be honest here? Most Netflix original movies are terrible, in fact cringe worthy. And while Amazon Prime Video has much better movie options, you can expect to be charged for the best ones.

Cable TV offers you a vast range of movie channels and packages. More than often, the latest box office hits are always available on cable first. Moreover, Pay-per-view options give you good movies at a great price.

Also, speaking of Pay-per-view, keep in mind about MMA events and boxing matches. You can watch these special events only on cable.

5. So, Should I Cancel My Cable TV?

Cutting the cord would not save you as much as you may think. Plus, there are many cable TV providers who would be more than willing to bribe you to switch to their service. Most importantly, there are many cable providers who have the sort of customer service you deserve.

Netflix and other streaming services options are still growing. Hence, before you give up on your favorite channels and shows, consider the above reasons to stay.

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