Google AdWords VS Organic SEO – What works best for you in 2019?

Google AdWords VS Organic SEO – What works best for you in 2019?

Adwords VS SEO


Google AdWords VS Organic SEO:

A gentleman holding a bag besides him and having a lot in his mind is waiting in an office to meet the CEO of company. He is thinking about so many way which he is going to convince the CEO through. But convince about what? Brand of the company which he belongs to. That’s more like a conventional way to brand the services.

These methods are fading away with the passage of time. For sure, there would be a more effective method that’s lessening the conventional worth. Yes, there is one such way. Thanks to web industry. Branding is a breakthrough of this industry amongst many others. Conventional Marketing has been replaced by the Digital Marketing. Even notion of this is further expanded in numerous modalities.

What’s the essence of marketing after all? Here’s how to understand the notion:

Marketing; a vast notion that’s carrying a lot. Marketing has numerous means that are effective in order to promote a certain brand or an idea.

Sounds like,

  • Outbound Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Branding Strategies
  • Branding Platforms

These are the things that are in the end responsible to carry the things in the right direction. If these things are being carried away effectively, you are following an effective strategy.

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Can things be more rational? If yes, how? If no, why?:

“Can things be more rational? If yes, how? If no, why?” that’s the question that was asked by a skeptical marketing monger back in time. Now that question can be answered even by a layman. Because things indeed have become more rational. Rational to the extent that they have become part of life. People experience them without even realizing. Marketing trends indeed have changed. Hundreds of poets died in anonymity. Not many people could read their verses. Here it comes, a boy is sitting in his drawing room writing a few verses. And the very next day, entire collage knows about those verses. How? That’s more like an inbound marketing. That’s an extremely minor example of what can be achieved by the prevailing marketing methods.

Reliance on Digital Marketing is expanding manifolds. Let’s deep dive into rationales:

As things are moving forward in the web industry, all the aspects are grooming accordingly. Reliance on the digital marketing is more viable option as compared to conventional marketing methods. Here are certain aspects that best narrate the reasons behind all that.

  • Easier Modules
  • Instant Outcomes
  • Prospects for Expansion
  • Effective Strategy for Gain Maximization
  • Prevailing Paradigms
  • Google AdWords
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

These are the rationales that are impacting the marketing domains. Marketing is indeed resulting in the desired outcome exposures.

Segregating the SEO-oriented Modules:

SEO Oriented Modules


Web marketing itself has been segregated into the aspects that are playing important role in this regard. These aspects are multi-dimensional scenario based techniques.

Counting as,

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Analytics
  • Keywords Incursion
  • Backlinks
  • Deep Linking
  • Keywords Optimization
  • Redirection
  • Cloaking
  • Trafficking
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Google Advertisement
  • Facebook Advertisement
  • INSTAGRAM Advertisement
  • YouTube Advertisement
  • Twitter Handler Advertisement
  • LinkedIn Advertisement

Both of the aspects are SEO-oriented. If these things are being implemented in effective manners, it means that the outcomes are destined to be more rationalized. That’s how things can be made more impactful. SEO Services are explicitly implemented in order to maximize the traffic routing to a particular destination. That destination could be the web platform for a particular brand.

Rationalizing SEO-oriented Eventualities:

SEO Oriented Eventualities


In contemporary business advertisement, social reach is the key to boost the business. If the social reach is expanded, brand can be accessed by more people. That’s a proper way for a brand to gain the due attention. This social reach is materialized by the SEO implementation. If the implementation is performed keeping in view all the parameters, that’s probably a vivid notion that desired results can be achieved in more appropriate manner.

Desired Results be like,

  • Maximum Business Reach
  • Expanding the Business
  • Branding the Business
  • Getting Along with Prevailing Trends
  • Gaining the Goals
  • Achieving the desired Marketing Targets
  • Keeping the Strategic Evaluation always on board
  • Harnessing the Productive Measures
  • Re-assessment of Marketing Strategies
  • Re-assessment of Business Strategy
  • Getting on with all the aspects thoroughly.

Whenever an SEO strategy is implemented, it has certain results expectancy. Extents of the results depends upon the extents of implementation. If SEO strategies are implemented keeping in view all necessary parameters, above mentioned factors are the outcome expectancy. This outcome expectancy is primarily proportional to marketing gains. If expectancy is up to the implementation expectancy, there are more chances to achieve the goal largely.

Contemporary Compliance of Marketing Notions is Rendering Reliance. Make sure to keep things that way:



Business are by and large moving to the web exposures. This exposure has certain obligations. These obligations are the essence of all marketing credentials. If these obligations are fulfilled with a righteous spirit and complete compliance, desired results can be achieved exclusively. But the point here is that what are desired results?

Get to know,

  • Your Business Exposure is well reached.
  • Your marketing strategy is being implementing effectively.
  • Marketing strategy is gaining maximum traffic.
  • You are using rightful SEO strategy for Business Boost.
  • You have achieved the expansion threshold.
  • Quality of service is prioritized in your Services.
  • People are showing maximum reliance on your Service.
  • You are evaluating crucial Business factors on regular intervals.

These are all the aspects that define that you’ve achieved the results. Results have been achieved because you had set a precedent to the goals with a particular strategy. Once the strategy is implemented effectively, these results are the only viable option. You no longer need to rely on the outbound marketing aspects if the inbound aspects are perfectly giving you the outcome. If you want to enhance the outcome ratio, you’ve to enhance the effectivity in implementation phases. After all the phases are implemented effectively, you are quite near to achieve the goal in form of a reliable and a reputable brand.


Author Bio:

Tom Dexter – After keenly observing the marketing facts, I do really count on the marketing strategies. These strategies may vary but the purpose in the end remains the same.

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