Best Ways to Improve Home & Office Security in 2020

Best Ways to Improve Home & Office Security in 2020


Best Ways to Improve Home & Office Security in 2020 –

Do you sleep well at night? Insomnia is a common occurrence in modern society, with many people not even sure WHY they’re struggling to get some Zs. Could it be that you’re subconsciously worried about things in your life, at home or at the office?

For many in modern society, physical safety is a huge concern. ‘Is my family safe?’. ‘Will my assets be safe if there’s a burglary at the office?’. These are valid concerns but what if something as simple as de-cluttering your home or installing a new intercom system at the office can restore your peace of mind?

Keep reading and learn about the best ways to improve safety around your premises so you can get the sound sleep you deserve.

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Identify Risks and Find Solutions –

Firstly, take up the responsibility of looking after yourself instead of simply feeling you’re at the mercy of criminals. There’s enough information online to help you think like a burglar for a while and assess your premises objectively. Where are the weak points on site that could make it easy for an intruder to gain access? Identify them and do something about it!

For example, you may not realize how many problems clutter can create. Large containers provide hiding places for criminals and if a ladder is leaning against the building, someone can use it to reach windows high up. Clutter can also limit your view when you’re trying to see what’s going on outside via your camera system or wireless intercom with video feed at the front door.

Do a proper clean up and you’ll improve your safety considerably.

Light is Key –

Light is as important as decluttering. Make sure all areas of the premises are well lit so criminals can’t hide anywhere. You can also try lights with sensors that will switch on when there’s movement so you’re alerted to the disturbance when it happens.

Time to Upgrade Your Doors & Windows –

Over 30% of burglars will enter your building using the windows or one of the doors. This makes it a wise investment to beef up your security in these zones.

You can use a range of options, such as exchanging existing panels for tempered glass and installing new locks. You can also add sensors that connect to your alarm system or add an intercom doorbell so you never have to open the door to anyone you don’t know. More about smart doorbells and alarm systems you can find on Kitchen Home.

Show You’re at Home—Even if You’re Not

Insomnia can even plague you on holiday or when you’re out for the evening. You may not like the fact that you’re not on site to control the situation if someone should trespass. But there’s actually a lot you can do to prevent problems.

One of the best ways to ensure the safety of people and assets is to deter criminals. This means you should give them as little reason as possible to want to enter your premises. There’s less chance of someone trying to break in if they think people are inside the building, so always let it seem as if someone is home.

Some tips you’ve probably heard of, but others are new because the internet has changed our lives so much:

  • Put lights on timers so they switch on and off even if you’re not there.
  • Let a neighbor pick up any mail, newspapers or flyers that collect in your postbox or on your lawn.
  • Criminals are getting creative and they may check your Facebook profile to see what you’re up to. Don’t share images of your holiday until you’re back safe.

Digital Security is Important Too –

Another aspect of modern living is staying safe online. You don’t want a hacker to access the camera feeds or wireless intercom system you installed. This will empower them to use that information against you when they want to break in, so make sure your internet security is on par:

  • Use complex login details for any network or app you use
  • Antivirus software and a firewall are non-negotiable resources at the office AND at home
  • Be vigilant about phishing emails so you don’t inadvertently give anyone access to your devices or personal information

Teach Your Team Their Responsibilities –

Here’s the question: does everyone that uses the premises understand how you’re trying to minimise security risks? If only one of your family members or employees does something that weakens your security setup, they’re placing everyone at risk. This is why it’s important to educate everyone:

  • Make sure their knowledge about online safety is up to date
  • Show them how the security system works so there’s no excuse for not using it
  • Provide checklists and teach them good security habits so someone won’t accidentally forget to switch on a system or leave on the outside light

Conclusion –

See? There’s a lot you can do. Take back control and also share your tips so everyone can learn from each other and sleep soundly again.

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