How To Hide Your IP Address: Strategies From IT Experts

How To Hide Your IP Address: Strategies From IT Experts


How To Hide Your IP Address: Strategies From IT Experts –

The Internet is like highways that you see, and the computers are like houses at the side of the streets. That means the address of the house can be considered IP addresses.

Without an IP address, you cannot access the internet network or perform any online activity. It is the IP address that enables you to send a query to the internet and help you receive the information.

We have been using the internet and computer systems for almost a couple of decades, but only a few people truly know about its importance.

Today, in this article, we will talk about IP Addresses and why hiding your IP address has become a necessity in the digital world.

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What Is An IP Address?

There are millions of computer systems on the internet. So, how can the internet network identify your computer or device accessing the internet? Every device connected to the internet has an IP address similar to your home address.

An IP Address is a series of numbers that usually looks something like These IP addresses are unique to one device, and hence, the internet network can find your device easily.

As IP addresses are unique to one device, you risk being exposed to cybercriminals when you use them on the internet. In fact, IP Addresses help the ISPs, and government institutions block certain websites from the internet.

Therefore, those who are familiar with the risk associated with the IP Addresses exposure know that the best way to secure it is to hide the IP Address.

Why Would I Need To Hide My IP Address? 

Now, you must be wondering why to hide IP Addresses. Well, that is a fair question. When you have nothing to hide or have done nothing wrong, there is no need to hide your IP address. However, what if you are visiting a torrent website like or visiting suspicious-looking links? Then, you risk exposing your IP address, resulting in identity theft.

That being said, it is always a good idea to hide your IP address while going online.

Here are a few benefits of hiding your IP address –

  • Evades government censorship.
  • Preserve your online privacy.
  • Protects you from hackers.
  • Public wifi might allow your device to be exposed to malware attacks.

How To Hide An IP Address?

Now that we have you interested in how hiding IP addresses can be beneficial. You might be interested in knowing how you can actually do this.

Well, we have also prepared a solution for that.

1. Use VPN –

A VPN is the best solution to mask your IP Address. It allows you to change the IP Address because it passes your network connection through an encrypted tunnel that changes your IP Address. By allowing your connection to pass through VPN, it completely masks your IP Address.

2. Use Proxy Servers –

If you are not comfortable using software applications to mask your IP Address, you can use a proxy server to hide your address. A proxy server acts as an intermediate between you and the internet and hence, prevents any kind of surveillance activity on your IP Address.

3. Connect To Public WiFi –

This might be the dumbest idea to hide your IP Address, but it certainly works. However, while you are using public wifi, you must understand that public wifi is not safe at all. In fact, they are infested with hackers that are looking for the right opportunity to hack into your device. This is why we do not recommend this method, even if it’s effective.

4. Unplug Your Modem To Change Your IP Address –

All IP addresses are given a dynamic ISP by the DHCP server. The way a DHCP works is that a lease is assigned to your router. This lease may expire in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 2 hours, or 24 hours. That being said, if you are assigned to a dynamic IP Address, unplugging the modem will give you a new IP Address.

The Best Choice: VPN

It’s fairly clear that VPN is the best when it comes down to hiding your IP Address effectively. Furthermore, VPN not only masks the IP Address but also encrypts the data that you send and receive using the internet network. This increases the security of your online activity.

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