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How To Hire Freelance Web Developers Who Get The Job Done?

How To Hire Freelance Web Developers Who Get The Job Done?


How To Hire Freelance Web Developers Who Get The Job Done?

The internet has become one of the most-used mediums to complete any task. Several companies are utilizing it to find new customers and increase their sales. Building a robust online presence in such a saturated market is not easy. You need not only the technical know-how but also experience and expertise to effectively make your presence felt. This is where website developers come in. From all these sources, job scraping software can easily get you information such as job title, job description, location and compensation.

Although content management software like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal have enabled regular people to create websites, you can’t stand out in the industry without expert advice. Two of the most common reasons people hire a web consultant are because they save time and help with technical aspects.

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In both cases, it is very important to find, hire, and work with a developer who further compliments the smooth running of your website.

What To Do Before Hiring A Web Developer?

Before hiring a web developer, considering the following things is a must.

1. Defining Your Project –

This is the first and most essential step before you hire web developers. Both you and the developer should have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. Otherwise, you can never know who to look for and how you should judge their capabilities.

2. Decide What Kind Of Developer You Need –

Now that the kind of website or changes you want are clear to you, it is time to think about the kind of web developer who can help you with it. There are three main subgroups of website developers: front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers.


Front-end developers work on the audience-facing side of your website and take care of the feel and look of your website, and are mostly trained in the same software. Back-end developers are more concerned about how the site will operate and take care of website speed, click menus, and the overall functionality of your website.

If you have limited capital, hire full-stack developers as they can build you a complete website and play the role of both front-end and back-end developers. They are well-versed with design, implementation, and coding.

How To Hire Freelance Web Developers Who Get The Job Done?

Now, here are the factors that will help you hire freelance web developers for your company –

1. Check Their Skills –

Every web developer should have profound knowledge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, basic graphic design, debugging, libraries, frameworks, and different tools. So, once a candidate appears for an interview, ask about these skills. If you require some particular skills in your web developer, mention them.

2. Experience is a Key Factor –

This is perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to hiring web developers. Always ask to see their prior works and check if they have done similar projects or not. If they have, then they will know precisely how to go about making your website. This will help you save time and ensure that you build an effective and efficient website.

If you are hiring freshers as they suit your criteria, then tell them all the project details and what you are expecting from them. This way, they will be clear about how to go with the flow.

3. What About Competency?

A good web developer should have excellent communication skills and problem-solving skills and should be able to collaborate with others easily. Besides developing the websites, web developers might have to solve other analytical issues for your project and talk to different people to solve these. And when they join your company, they have to work with a big team. So, before hiring, check all these appropriately.

4. Do Not Forget To Read User Reviews –

More often than not, you will find web developers who have great skills on paper, but no one works a second time with them. This can be because they are not friendly or comfortable to work with. Always choose a web developer who puts your interests before theirs. This way, you will know that your company’s website will be your brainchild and not how the web developer wants it to be.

5. Try them out –

If you are confused about your shortlisted web developers, the best way to finalize your choice is by judging them on a project. You can always make them work on a small project to see their capabilities, punctuality, and relation with customers. After the project is submitted, choose the one that fits all your requirements aptly.

6. Consider The Money Factor –

Money is a crucial factor when it comes to hiring a freelance developer. You will get two types of developers – one, who works and charges per hour, and the second who charges according to each project. In the former, you can fix an hourly rate for them and, in the latter, create a deal with all the terms and conditions.

But in both cases, you need to have a thorough discussion with the developers. Keep in mind that if you need good work, you need to spend bucks. By skimping here, you cant expect impressive work.

If money is a constraint for you, tell them clearly from the beginning to give you an alternative suggestion or chalk out a different plan to suit both your and their requirements.

Always give 50% of the money before starting the project and rest once they finish their job.

7. Ask For Recommendation From Friends Or Relatives –

Ask your friends or relatives if they know about any proficient web developers. If yes and if they are satisfied with the developer’s work, then take the name and address and contact them.

In a Nutshell –

An experienced professional can help you with several other things for finishing the task quicker. With that burden off your shoulders, you can focus on more important things required to help uplift your company.

The guide mentioned above ponders over all the important tips you need to nail the hiring process. Don’t go about choosing the first candidates you interview. Take your time and shortlist a few. Only go with the one you feel most comfortable working with and know can help improve your project. After all, you are trying to reduce your responsibilities, not increase them.

And keep in mind that web designing and development, editing videos, writing, and posting content needs both attention and time. So, don’t push the hired developer too much or knock them every 2 minutes for updates. Give them space and allow them to do their work properly so that you get a superb result!

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