How To Pass the Salesforce Javascript Developer 1 Certification?

How To Pass the Salesforce Javascript Developer 1 Certification?


How To Pass the Salesforce Javascript Developer 1 Certification?

The JavaScript Developer I examination is meant for people who have the information, skills, and skill to develop front-end and/or back-end JavaScript applications for the network stack. These skills will be applied to any framework and don’t seem to be mobile or device-specific.

What’s extremely vital with this certification is that it’s the primary platform-agnostic examination that tests information outside of Salesforce platform tools. Also no certifications are required for this examination.

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Who’s the best Candidate?

For this examination, there are two classes of candidates which will profit most from operating towards obtaining this certification:

  1. .Net developers who are wanting to urge into the Salesforce scheme.
  2. Salesforce developers who are wanting to make and check their basic JavaScript and alternative net technology skills. (Node.js etc.)

As Salesforce continues to make and support additional open supply technologies, e.g., Lightning net elements, and becomes additional committed ECMA TC39 and standardization of JavaScript, I feel they want to introduce additional developers into the Salesforce scheme.

As for current Salesforce developers, this can be an excellent chance to make and improve your core JavaScript skills and obtain an improved understanding of the inner workings of the language that drives the web!

As a reminder, this can be a tough examination, deep-diving into the basics of JavaScript. It’s getting to check your code-reading skills, analysis, testing, and far quiet alternative certification exams. (This suggests that no Lightning net elements specific queries, however operating with them before the examination can help).

Fear not, though! I’m hoping this guide can purpose you within the right direction, and you’ll consider the links below for my comments and resources. I actually have accustomed steel oneself against the examination.

Study Strategy –

There is getting to be lots of code reading with this one, and though there are still getting to be open-ended queries, I like to recommend active the maximum amount as attainable on a JavaScript playground and perceive nuances between lines of code. You’ll conjointly use a desktop app like RunJS (it might need variations compared to a browser, for instance, not having the ranking object window; therefore, your mileage could vary).

MDN net docs are a staggeringly useful resource for you to bake in core ideas and check those get into your JS playgrounds or sample apps.

You can take online courses, or if you’re new to each Salesforce and JavaScript Online Training, I like to recommend finishing the origin modules (Build LWC or Discover Sample Apps), whereas you study the small print on the way to proceed with exploitation relevant documentation.

Once you complete the Superbadge, you’ll even strive to determine the challenges later (again) exploitation totally different methods; as an alternative, you’ll depend upon a high of apps that are promptly on the market on the Sample Gallery.

There are several thoughts and opinions concerning JavaScript, particularly on advanced topics. Check that to examine out ECMAScript Language Specification once unsure (ECMA) as this can be the perpetually evolving authoritative piece for things associated with the inner workings of the language.

Learn and be coachable in online communities (Salesforce-related or not). This involves being active on Salesforce Stack Exchange or my favorite online community, SFXD.

As you may see within the ‘Resources’ section soon and after you begin finding out, there are several resources online. Be careful! Attributable to the degree of data, it’s simple to branch outside the scope of the examination; therefore, stick with the ideas you may be tested on. I want someone to tell ME earlier. However, I forgive myself!

Exam Strategy –

This certification (and Superbadge) is all concerning learning by doing; therefore, having each theory and sensible information of the required ideas is crucial. The certification examination can check you on each, as you may to quickly spot variations between code and what’s missing to achieve the proper answer, from terribly tiny nuances to tiny syntax errors.

Test-taking may be a whole another ability on its own however I found by the method of elimination and quickly checking if a keyword, braces, or any variety of syntax missing or looks odd will go a protracted method, a minimum of for eliminating the foremost obvious of wrong answers.

Remember to mark your answers for review as you proceed. I sometimes distinguished from my expertise the primary answers I picked were sometimes the proper ones; therefore, if you’re within the same boat as I don’t create the error of fixing your answers once confused too much!

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