What Are Top 7 Degrees To Get Job in Tech Industry?

What Are Top 7 Degrees To Get Job in Tech Industry?


What Are Top 7 Degrees To Get Job in Tech Industry?

If you have a passion for tech and love watching how the world drives innovation across all industries, you’re probably looking for a career in the tech industry.

The tech industry is a lucrative field with an ever-changing variety of job roles and projects to get involved with.

If you’re keen to start your journey to landing a role in the tech industry, it’s time to start considering a relevant degree.

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Check out what are top 7 degrees to get job in tech industry as well as average salaries for careers in each field.

1. Telecommunications –

Telecommunications incorporates everything from voicemail and mobile to TV news channels and internet browsing. This subject is all about studying the ways in which we can send a message from one person, place, or device to another.

Funnily enough, the degree all about transmitting messages can be taught and studied online in a distanced learning course.

The demand for more advanced telecommunication technology is ever-increasing, making this a really interesting and fulfilling career choice.

Job roles: Telecommunications specialist (junior and senior), telecommunications engineer

Average salaries: $78-$96,000 / year

2. Computer Science –

With a degree in computer science, you’ll have a wide range of technical and non-technical skills that are highly sought after. From leadership to software development, computer science can open the door to a world of opportunities within the tech industry. Every field, from government infrastructure to telemedicine in hospitals, uses computer science, so no matter where your interests lie, you’ll find a job perfectly suited to you.

Job roles: Software engineer, data analyst, test engineer

Average salaries: $44-$110,000 / year

3. Electrical and Computer Engineering –

An ece degree – electrical and computer engineering – can quickly lead to a lucrative progression ladder in the tech industry. From testing machinery to working on the technology for self-driving cars, the future is in your hands. Those who have studied this form of engineering have gone on to work as aerospace and medical engineers as well as finding huge opportunities in the gas and oil industries.

Job roles: System engineer, electrical engineer, AI specialist

Average salaries: $65-$151,000 / year

4. Business Administration –

As the tech industry is the home of start-ups, business administration can definitely help you get your foot in the door. This degree can lead to business developer jobs, marketing management, and consultancy – all of which come with great career perks.

Business administration is a recession and crisis-proof profession, too, and allows you to develop a huge range of transferrable skills that are valuable for any market.

Job roles: Business developer, business administrator, marketing consultant

Salaries: $55-$120,000 / year

5. Animation, Graphics and Multimedia –

Animation, graphics, and multimedia jobs, unsurprisingly, are heavily based in the tech industry. This is a great degree to take if you’re interested in the creative and artistic side of the field. Animation, graphic design and multimedia degrees can help you achieve a successful career in art direction, film editing, and web design.

Job roles: Graphic designer, illustrator, multimedia editor

Salaries: $40-$66,000 / year

6. Web Development and Design –

On the topic of web design, a specific degree can also teach you everything you need to know to be top of your field. Unlike those that learn code at home, you’ll be able to master and create complex algorithms to create websites of the future. The past year has seen a high dependence on E-Commerce, which is perfect for those looking for a career in web development.

Job roles:  Web developer, E-Commerce specialist, user experience designer

Salaries: $45-$180,000 / year

7. Cybersecurity –

The pandemic has left thousands of companies victims of cybercrime. One of the biggest job markets for the post-pandemic world is cybersecurity, so starting your studying now will put you in good stead for finding a job to protect nations for future years to come.

Cybersecurity degrees can help you create safe and secure platforms for businesses of any size – from small start-ups to corporate trades and even cryptocurrency firms.

Job roles: IT security specialist, cybersecurity engineer

Salaries: $82-107,000 / year

These are just seven degree choices for those looking for a job in tech. The industry is highly varied, and other degrees will provide plenty of skills that can be transferred to tech jobs in the future. Whether you’re looking for a creative and artist role or more of an administration or technical career, be sure to take a look at the types of education routes your idols have explored. LinkedIn is a great place to find people who are working your dream roles, and their profiles will give you a chance to see how they got to where they are.

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