4 Best Coding Games for Kids That Teach Programming

4 Best Coding Games for Kids That Teach Programming


4 Best Coding Games for Kids That Teach Programming –

Coding becomes more fun and effective with coding games. There is something very satisfying about creating applications or games on the screen, along with graphics. There are various programming languages that are easy to learn, like Python for kids can be a great language to start with. So if you are entirely new to programming, this blog will help you start your coding journey with the help of some exciting games.

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What is Coding?

Coding is the process of using a programming language or routine to get a computer to behave and react how you want it to. Every line of code tells the computer to do something and instructs orders to the computer; this document full of lines of code is called a script. The computer then executes those instructions accordingly.

Game development for kids can be fascinating and learning coding enables students to perform some exciting tasks. Students can learn coding online with the help of Cuemath online classes. Cuemath encourages students to understand the why behind the what and focuses on the fundamentals of programming languages.

Let us check out what are the 4 best coding games for kids that teach programming and are best for children to learn programming –

1. The Pong –

If you have ever heard of Pong, you might know that it was the first game that was commercially successfully created. Coding pong teaches you a ton of critical concepts for game development and beginners. Here are a few concepts that it covers:

  • User input: Playing with moving the paddles and ball.
  • Hit detection: so that the ball hits the paddles and bounces back.
  • Scoring system: teaches children the need to track the scores of both the players.
  • Screen constraining: Preventing the paddle from leaving the screen and disappearing.

2. The Space Race –

One year after Pong came the Space Race. Space Race is very simple and easy; it’s a two-player game where each player controls a rocket. The idea is to get at the top of the map to avoid the space debris to gain an extra point. The Space Race helps children to learn the basic concepts of Coding. Coding Space Race teaches kids some key concepts while also solidifying the base of some concepts they learned earlier from coding the Pong:

  • Using arrays: To hold the space debris, kids will likely use an array to jump over them and determine if they have collided with the rockets.
  • Timers: Using some kind of timer to determine when the game ends and who finishes it faster.

3. The Jet Fighter –

Jet Fighter is a brilliant game that will take the children onto the next level of Coding. It’s pretty simple. There’s a black jet and a white jet. The final goal is to shoot the other player and gain a point, eventually leading you to win the game. Key concepts from the jet fighter:

  • Screen wrapping: When bullets off the screen, they go and come back on from the other side of the screen.
  • Shooting: Learning the maths behind projecting a bullet from your current angle and repeating the same process.

4. The Cyber-Dojo –

Cyber-Dojo allows kids to complete challenges for many different programming languages and practice programming effectively. Cyber-Dojo is a great way to learn to code and understand basic computer programming and its languages. This game will teach children essential aspects of coding and will help them understand complex concepts as well. The programming languages that the Cyber-Dojo teaches children are:

  • C
  • C#
  • C++
  • Java
  • F#
  • Haskell
  • JavaScript
  • Pascal
  • Kotlin
  • Python

Conclusion –

Learning to code has become a lot easier and simpler. Nowadays, there are many ways to learn the concepts of coding; one of the best and most entertaining ways is coding games. These will help kids to learn to code and understand basic computer programming and its languages.

These were some of the best coding games for beginners and children to help them learn to code. Coding is the future, and learning coding can add a beneficial skill to a student’s educational journey. Kids can easily learn how to code and with the help of various games, as it is super fun and exciting.

The idea of creating something encourages, educates, and empowers a student in a true sense.

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