How To Share Your Wi-Fi With Other Devices Without Password?

How To Share Your Wi-Fi With Other Devices Without Password?


How To Share Your Wi-Fi With Other Devices Without Password?

Your friends visit you at your place, or maybe your family friends, if they are staying at your place, they might even need your home Wi-Fi password to stay in touch with the outside world without using their limited data. Happens. We all have been through such situations at least once where we needed a password to the internet. It could be an occasion, casual get-together, or holidays, if you have a strong Wi-Fi password, you might find it difficult to share it with others – that too, too frequently.

Moreover, you may not even want to publicly announce your password because everyone around will be able to access your Wi-Fi through that password. Or perhaps, you don’t even remember it anymore. So, what’s the safest and alternate way of sharing your Wi-Fi password with your friends?

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The majority of the households in the US are Spectrum or Xfinity customers as they are serviceable in over 41 states serving millions of users for decades. If you have Spectrum cable and internet services, you might want to engage them with the spectacular channel lineup it comes with. Nonetheless, that’s not a solution, just an idea to ditch the password sharing by making their stay entertaining and more interesting.

In this article, we shall quickly guide you on how to connect Wi-Fi from your Android device to an Android or maybe iOS device without revealing the password. Through this method, you can easily share it by using your smartphone, regardless of which Operating System (Android, iOS), it has.

You can use your android mobile as a Wi-Fi repeater to share your Wi-Fi –

  • You might think that you can use your android mobile either for receiving or sending Hotspot at the same time. But that is not correct. An android mobile phone is capable of sending and receiving Wi-Fi signals simultaneously, which makes it perform like a Wi-Fi repeater. It is the best option for you in such situations. Use it whenever you want to connect your friend’s mobile phone with your Wi-Fi without revealing the password.
  • You’ll find several applications available for android smartphone users. NestShare is a widely used android application that serves the same purpose. With these apps, you can generate a temporary password that will allow your acquaintance to use your Wi-Fi once. And, you don’t even have to use the original Wi-Fi password.

How to use your android device as a Wi-Fi repeater to share your Wi-Fi?

Using your android mobile as a Wi-Fi repeater requires a few steps. Let’s have a look:

  • Go to the Google Play Store and search “NetShare.” Note that you don’t have to root your device to run this application.
  • Start the application and tap on “Start Wi-Fi Hotspot.”
  • Open the Wi-Fi settings on the other mobile (iOS) and connect it using the credentials of the NetShare application.
  • Change “Proxy” on the other device. Once the connection establishes, press “I”
  • Look for the “Configure Proxy” option and tap on “Manual.”
  • Enter “Port” and “Server IP” from your android mobile to another mobile (IOS).
  • Tap on “Save.”

You’ll observe that your android smartphone/device is now connected to your Wi-Fi connection. Plus it is sending signals as a Wi-Fi repeater through that application. Your friends can access your home internet by connecting their mobile phones with your smartphone. Try it if you don’t want to leak your Wi-Fi password!

Conclusion –

We have focused on one method in this read which is sharing Wi-Fi through the app, however, there are a couple of more ideas to do the same thing such as QR codes, creating a temporary hotspot and so many similar methods. If you don’t remember the password anymore, you should check the device, it usually has it inside and at its back.

Otherwise, sharing the password through Snapchat or something similar could also help where the other cannot save it for future use. If you are afraid that someone might misuse it later, you should go with the temporary password or QR code options that do the same job without revealing the original/permanent password with others.

These are some of the common hacks, if there is anything else that you use, please share with us and our readers in the comment section underneath.

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