Important Tips On How To Clean Your Silhouette Window Shades?

Important Tips On How To Clean Your Silhouette Window Shades?


Important Tips On How To Clean Your Silhouette Window Shades?

Silhouette shades are one of the perfect home decors available out there. However, just like any other home décor, Silhouette window shades also require regular maintenance. This helps make them look tidy and new all the time.

It is worth mentioning that Silhouette shades require additional care while cleaning. If not, you will likely damage them.

But the good thing is, it is easier than it sounds. And to help you get the most out of your efforts, we have created this step-by-step guide. So, without further ado, let’s look at how to clean your Silhouette shades.

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Check out some important tips on how to clean your silhouette window shades as below – 

Step 1:  Remove the entire Silhouette shade from the window. You cannot clean them properly unless they are completely removed. Also, when you remove it, make sure to unroll it.

Step 2: Check your Silhouette window shades for dead bugs and mosquitos and remove them. You can do so by opening the shade and turning them around. You can also use a hair dryer to remove them out at once.

Step 3: The next step is the most important part, i.e., washing them. Put all your window shades in the bathtub. Add little cleanser or mild detergent and fill the bathtub with warm water.

Step 4: Use your hands to clean the dirt around your Silhouette window shades. Depending on how dirty the window shades are, the water will turn dark brown. Drain the tub to remove the dirty water. Repeat the process until the water is not so dirty.

Step 5: Once you feel that the shades are pretty clean now, fill the tub once again but only with water (and not any soap or detergent). This will help get the soap and detergent out of the shades (if any). This process is just for rinsing.

Tip: If you still find the shades being a little yellow, it’s probably because it has not been cleaned for years. However, there’s a solution for that too. Fill your bathtub with warm water and add a little bleach. Let it sit for around 15 minutes and then drain the water. Then, drain the water and rinse the window shade once again. You can use your shower head for a better experience in cleaning the window shade with plain water.

Step 6: Leave your Silhouette window shades to dry. Depending on how thick it is, it can take up to a day or two to completely dry it.

Step 7: Screw the Silhouette shades into your window and they all look like new again!

Everyday Cleaning Tips –

While this was all about hard cleaning which can be done once in a month or two. However, you should also include cleaning the Silhouette window shades in your daily cleaning routine. The good thing is, it doesn’t take much time.

All you need to do is use a feather duster to remove dust from the window sheets. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment to clean the sheet more effectively.

Another way to clean the Silhouette window sheets is by using a hair dryer between the vanes. This will help remove dust from the ends and between the vanes.

Professional Cleaning –

If your Silhouette window sheets are heavily soiled or dirty, you can consider leveraging professional cleaning services. They have the necessary experience and knowledge to clean the shades.

Moreover, they are equipped with advanced tools like ultrasonic and cleaning solutions to remove the dust.

You don’t need to hire them often. Even getting them to clean them the shades once will do the work. However, make sure to do regular cleaning after that to make it look good all the time.

Conclusion –

Maintaining Silhouette window shades help you make your home look beautiful at all times. It also ensures that you don’t need to hire professional cleaning services more often. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned above to clean your Silhouette window shades efficiently.

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