Why You Need Egress Lighting on Your Property?

Why You Need Egress Lighting on Your Property?


Why You Need Egress Lighting on Your Property?

The term “egress” means exit and, when combined with lighting, can only mean exit lighting. And without thinking too hard may already know their function in a property. But should you invest in them, and what purpose do they serve? You will learn more about why you need this feature in your home and how to get them installed properly. Let’s get right into the gist.

Who Needs Egress Lighting? 

In the real sense, any property owner who takes safety seriously. While they are usually installed to help people locate the exit in a building, they could be helpful in the case of an emergency. They could also help people find their way out of a building under poor lighting conditions. This is more so at night or when it suddenly gets cloudy on a stormy day.

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, you want to consider opting for this special type of lighting. And you want to make sure there is a bold sign that reads “exit.” This will help visitors to a building find their way out. You want to make sure that the sign is brightly colored and easy to read from far away. Many exit signs are colored green which only translates into movement. Remember the traffic light, red is for stop, orange is getting ready, and green is to go.

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The Best Emergency Light Systems –

You will find many different options of Egress lighting, and the best for emergency exits are those powered by LED systems. Many of the best brands use a programming method that can even be connected to motion sensors, so when anyone is in the area, they can easily be directed to the way out.

Emergency lighting is not only beneficial when there is an emergency. While they are made to serve that specific purpose, they can give your commercial property that sense of professionalism. And for one, the public will see you as a responsible business owner who puts safety on top of your list.

Egress lights are a must-have in the home and in public places that receive a lot of traffic daily. This can include restaurants, business centers, offices, and subways, or similar facilities. It is not enough to have just one at the back door. You want to have them scattered around the place to easily have people find the way from the bathroom, a floor section, the stairs, and the lobby as they find their way back to their seats or out of the building.

Choosing the Right Egress Lighting –


You may not have to worry about this if you leave the details to a reputable electrical company, but it’s right; you still know what to look for when in the market for quality egress lighting. Below are the essential features to take note of.

Power Rating –

This is an essential feature in any light bulb. You want to make sure that it is well-rated to work with the electrical supply in your area. Usually, in watts, egress lights are designed to provide ratings depending on how much power the device operates on.

This means that when in emergency mode, it is fitted to give a set rating to allow users to find their way. It can always power down when not in use. This link has more on finding the best rating for electrical bulbs.

Dimensions –

You also want to make sure that it has the right height and length measurement. This is so that it can easily be visible from a distance. The correct measurement will largely depend on the size of the door. For large exit doors, you want to make sure that the measurement is large enough. While there is no set measurement for exit lights, your installation crew could help with determining which is best to use in the area.

Quality Design –

It is always best to opt for quality products when in the market. From the inner bulbs to the box covering, you want to ensure they are designed to last long. You don’t want to be replacing bulbs occasionally and changing the whole package when there is a minor accident around the exit.

Finding Quality Egress Light Installation –

You may have the technical knowledge to install them yourself if you get quality systems. But you can always find an expert electrician who is in the business of providing such services. You want to make sure that they are a licensed technician and have the proper safety training. You don’t want to hire someone who will damage other installations around your property. So you want to work with only skilled technicians.

Cost of Installation –

This will depend mainly on the type of light fixtures you go for and how many you want to install. It may also depend on the nature of the installation. It can be challenging to install at a height, so you may want to factor in all this when discussing the project’s cost. You can check this page for how to save money when hiring electricians.

Conclusion –

Egress lights are more than fancy installations that are ideal for public spaces. You can also consider them if you own residential property with many separate units. They could also work well in a family home. Make sure to work with the best service providers to get the best installation.

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