How To Prevent COVID-19 With Contactless Credit Card & Invoicing?

How To Prevent COVID-19 With Contactless Credit Card & Invoicing?


How To Prevent COVID-19 With Contactless Credit Card & Invoicing?

There is a lot of concern about germs staying on paper currency and metal coins surrounding the pandemic. It’s not only coronavirus that is a worry. One study published in the National Library of Medicine found that Staphylococcus aureus contaminated bills found in hospitals. E. coli, Salmonella and the human influenza virus has been transmitted through hand contact. A contactless payment machine can help your business reduce the risk of spreading germs through touchless payments.

Limit Spreading Germs Through Touchless Transactions –

Physical touch is one way we spread germs. Cash is an obvious method of virus transmission, but keypads on credit card machines and pens are another source of transmission. When customers hand over a credit card to an employee to run, there’s the possibility of transferring all types of bacteria. Businesses are starting to think about how to deal with all points of contact to avoid these issues.

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Will Customers Adopt Contactless Credit Card Processing?

In the United States, customers have been slow to accept touchless transaction methods, such as digital wallets or tap-n-go pay. In Asia and Europe, contactless payment options are more popular. The barriers to acceptance are varied, from security concerns, accessibility and technology. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how customers view touchless payment options. Younger generations have been more inclined to accept contactless pay, but COVID-19 has made older generations think about their own behavior to stay safe. Customers are now asking for cashless transactions.

How Can Businesses Adapt to Contactless Payment Methods?


Another barrier that has prevented customers from accepting touchless payment options is that businesses have been slow to adapt to new technologies. When businesses can’t accept touchless payments, customers don’t have another option. A Clover credit card machine can update the ability of your business to accept all types of payments, whether the customer uses a chip card, apple watch, NFC phone or E-check.

Businesses have the biggest change when it comes to accepting contactless payment options, because they must have the technology in place to accept different types of payments. Unfortunately, not every customer will have the accessibility to make credit or debit card payments. Your business may not be able to move to a completely cashless business, but it’s nice to be headed in the right direction.

Understanding NFC Technology –

Touchless transactions rely on radio frequency technology, similar to what you experience on a tollway where a machine scans your toll device as you drive under it. NFC technology stands for near field communications, which works through much closer contact for greater security.

Some people worry about paying for another person’s groceries as they walk by a reader, but this is rare. Fraud is a concern with NFC technology, because there is no validation, such as a PIN or signature required. Some cards limit the amount of purchase through touchless contact to reduce fraud. If your business deals with larger purchases, contactless credit card invoicing may be another option.

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