The Role Played By Video in Transforming Modern Businesses

The Role Played By Video in Transforming Modern Businesses



The Role Played By Video in Transforming Modern Businesses –

Around 60% of businesses currently use video as a marketing tool, and 61% of marketing teams deem video a “very or extremely important” part of their marketing strategy or work procedure. There are many unique benefits that video can bring to your website and social media channels.

These include (as reported by 68% of marketers) a higher return on investment than Google ads, a chance to boost awareness of a company’s products and services, the ability to engage potential or existing clients, and the ability to boost customer loyalty and trust. Video can also be key when it comes to keeping remote teams united and focused on project goals. In what ways is video currently helping businesses stand out, even in highly competitive markets?

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Check out what are the role played by video in transforming modern businesses –

Video To Highlight New Products –

As reported by Forbes, 90% of consumers say that product videos directly impact their purchasing decisions. It is easy to see how, when buying long-lasting goods (for instance, an oven, high-end smartphone or camera), product videos can give key insights as to the compatibility of specific products with customer needs.

As explained by Firstround reviews, “Good demos don’t have to be perfect for the product. They have to be perfect for the audience.” To harness the power of product videos, ensure that you are filming key product features or information your audience is interested in.

Video Conferencing In The Era Of Remote Working –

The importance of video goes way beyond marketing strategy. Over 4.3 million people in the U.S. work remotely, and this trend is set to continue, with the 2020/2021 experience revealing the extent to which tech such as cloud storage and team management apps are enabling teams to work efficiently. Companies wishing to make the most of video meetings should establish norms so that all runs according to plan.

These can range from following a pre-set agenda to following a professional dress code. Of course, being professional in terms of attire and accessories does not mean having to forego self-expression. Modern jewelry companies, for instance, note a big increase in fashion jewelry sales, with individuals wishing to add sparkle to a video conference look with minimalistic pieces that nevertheless exude creativity and individuality.

Video And Customer Engagement –

Around 95% of people remember information they accessed on video, compared to 10% of those who read the same information. Visual content has the potential to be dynamic and entertaining, and to demand less focus than written text.

Statistics show that companies that provide video content on their website experience a significant increase in traffic. Including video on your site can help mark your company as a forward thinking one that invests in audio-visual content for an increasingly Internet-savvy audience.

Video is an important component of modern marketing strategies, but it is also a key way to keep teams on track. With predictions indicating that remote work is slated to play a key role in the era of new normality, video will become increasingly important when it comes to communicating and attending to clients.

Video can also be used in conjunction with other technologies – including virtual events – to connect with audiences and engage in Q&A sessions with potential clients.

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