Tips Shared by Experts to prepare for SBI PO Exam

Tips Shared by Experts to prepare for SBI PO Exam


Tips Shared by Experts to prepare for SBI PO Exam –

The position of Probationary Officer is considered as one of the most wanted posts in the banking segment. The Bank PO exam is carried out every year for various Public Sector Banks in the nation. One such exam is the SBI PO. This has been to attract the most number of aspirants. One primary reason for this is that the State Bank of India is known as the largest Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) all across the country. In India, SBI PO is a vision for numerous candidates. This article will help these entire candidates plan for their examinations and stay ahead of their schedules as well as productively spend their time.

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Here is a list of tips to effortlessly prepare and ace for the SBI PO exams –

  • Construct section-wise preparation tips

There is a limited time allotted for each segment. If the candidate wishes to attempt the highest number of questions, they must always have in mind a clear strategy to appear in every section. If they wish to appear for the Reasoning Ability section, they must decide beforehand the pattern of questions that will be solved first. For instance- The first five minutes can be given to puzzle-based questions, whereas the next two could be given to direction-based questions, and so on. Always remember the study schedule should be designed in such a manner that equal time is given to every section of the exam.

  • Put together a practical study plan based on the approx

The marks of each topic can be calculated by seeing the previous year’s papers. All SBI PO aspirants must always ensure that they plan their studies and prepare to keep in mind the weightage of each unit. They must focus on a subset of topics that can appear for higher marks or the questions that have appeared frequently or are the most repeated. 

  • Try to cover weak topics first

All aspirants must try to cover all the specified topics which are their weak spots. This is because weak spots take a lot of time, and if the candidate has completed these topics, they can move ahead and complete the remaining course in the given schedule. Each weak topic must be revisited and gone through again and again, till the candidates achieve a sense of clarity. Always remember to practice questions and solve the ones which seem difficult from the topics that the candidates went wrong in, this will help turn weak topics into their strengths.

  • Always be solid as well as clear with theories and concepts

Every candidate must necessarily be very prepared with a solid concept. They must always be clear with the concepts. The regular set level of the SBI PO program of study is of graduation level. Therefore, each aspirant needs to clear up their concepts of Quantitative Aptitude as well as the specified rules of grammar from the textbooks of high school.

  • Analyze and do a thorough check of the mock tests

Each candidate should take the sectional as well as the entire mock tests during their preparation. While in the final stage of preparation, every candidate should never go for too many mock tests. Along with this, each candidate must keep an analysis of their performances of every mock test that they appeared. The weak spots must be recognized and worked upon to improve and ace the SBI PO exams. Candidates can click here to see more.

  • Always learn shortcuts for solutions

Each candidate must learn shortcut tips for solving the given questions within the prescribed time limit. As it is already known that there will be sectional timings, the knowledge of shortcuts will assist the candidates in appearing for maximum questions in lesser time. 

  • Amplify and increase the hours of Practice

The aspirants for the SBI PO exam must remember to take and solve more and more sectional tests. They must take up at least one mock test each day. Furthermore, practicing on computers can assist the candidates in getting their desired results.

  • Keep brushing up on the topics that make the candidate feel confident

When a candidate revises the topics that are their strengths, it motivates them to perform better. Therefore, it is very important for candidates to revisit these topics so that they can confidently appear for the SBI PO exams.

  • Never keep the general awareness segment for the very end

Read the newspapers like The Hindu or The Indian Express regularly and ensure that meticulous notes are being made. Solve a minimum of 50 questions from this segment daily. This is because the General Awareness section is more often than not an examination of awareness as well as familiarity.

  • Revise by making use of short tutorials available online

A lot of video tutorials are available online for helping and assisting the students appearing for their SBI PO exams. Short video tutorials can be very helpful for these candidates. These videos must be utilized for revision. This can help the aspirants remember and learn every topic they have studied and hence they will not miss out on any topic.

  • Always limit guesswork and avoid wasting too much time on one question

In the SBI PO exam, negative marks are allotted for incorrect solutions. Therefore, it is recommended that candidates must always try to avoid guesswork. While the students are appearing for the exam, they should never waste too much time on one question. If they get stuck and are unable to crack a question, it is advisable for candidates to skip that question. They must be very careful while appearing for questions that are based on puzzles.

Conclusion –

The SBI PO exam is tricky and demanding. Each year, the number of candidates is increasing; this brings in huge competition for the jobs sector in the nation. Hence, there are always candidates desperately looking out for preparation tips for cracking and clearing these exams. The above-mentioned points must be kept in every candidate’s mind to ensure they clear their exams with ease.

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