Top 5 technology trends in 2019 that will rule the future

Top 5 technology trends in 2019 that will rule the future

The Year 2018 is over.

Let us have a look at the Top 5 technology trends in 2019 that will rule the future, Every now and then there is an innovation going on and technology tends to take a leap. This technology innovations have started making a huge impact on organizations. Most of the manual jobs have taken a hit and replaced by automation or robots. The trends in data science, computing technology and data connectivity has prompted this change in technology trends and today we are going to have a look on one of the top 5 technology trends in 2019 that will rule the future.

We have seen the rise of new digital currency in the form of cryptocurrencies (sorry, still not popular in most parts of the world), artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Some of these trends will be with us next year, but some new trends will emerge.


We have gathered top 5 technology trends that will dominate the IT industry in 2019 and beyond.

1) Artificial Intelligence :


AI has always been in its infancy, but 2019 should change that.

For all this time, the world has grown only to the point that the AI ​​experienced. It has been trained by giving various data to see how he would analyze, reproduce and use them. This concept had many tasks, and one of them was to give up bad solutions. Thus, now the AI ​​is at the stage when quite a bit remains to general use.

In a span of few years, technology experts are predicting that all the software will be using AI at some levels, which will eventually lead to automation in industries. It will be one of the most sought-after, high paying job in the tech industry.

In 2019, organizations will seek to find out how well AI can be integrated into their business.

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2) Augmented Reality:


Starting with gamification, marketing and ending with entertainment, augmented reality is one of the important things that you should pay attention to. Augmented reality systems allow you to combine and reproduce the effects of touch, smell, vision (in 3D and more dimensions), and locations to attract the attention of users. AI is also being used widely in healthcare industry to train doctors, nurses and will soon be available easily in smartphones.

This concept has many perspectives for various industries – from art, entertainment, trade and finance to the healthcare industry. In addition to the general application in the entertainment industry, the technology can be used to improve the skills of specialists, the presentation of products … the possibilities are endless. And in 2019 we will meet augmented reality more and more often in various areas.


3) Internet Of Things :


It is still we can say early days for IoT technology, but there are lot of opportunities hidden for individuals having data analytics, data science skills to make use of information given from the usage of IoT applications. Now you can connect the surveillance camera with your devices and access the live broadcast from anywhere. The same can be done for a pair of other household appliances. But then how about all your devices going online in real time and even making decisions for you based on your preferences?

This is no longer a fantasy. This is the Internet of things, which will become an every day thing in future for us.


4) Machine learning :


Many people make the mistake of confusing it with artificial intelligence. Although this is related to the old concept of AI, this is a new area in and of itself. How else would you explain that you treat a computer as if it has a brain, and that it can be taught to do something that was not programmed? This is machine learning.

This year there have been many scientific breakthroughs in this area. This should continue in 2019, but there will be more implementations and applications to support it.

Analysts expect the machine learning market to grow by more than $ 8 billion in 2021.


5) Cyber ​​security:


Cyber security is known as a technique that protects our computers, firewalls, networks, critical server data from any unauthorized attacks or malware which is practiced to steal any organization or company data. Now a days most of the organizations are having their team of cybersecurity experts to take care from any data breach or cyber attack.

Since the advent of the Internet, this is a trend that is relevant every year. With every big and important technology comes a big responsibility in managing, processing and maintaining data. That is why everyone should be protected from cyber attacks.

Personally, you don’t need to spend millions of dollars on cybersecurity. With VPN, you can get the anonymity and security you need.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall is a security system connected with network which monitors and controls all the incoming and outgoing network traffic based strict security rules.


Finally these were one of the top five technology trends in 2019 that will rule the future. Apart from this, if you are aware on anymore technology trends you can comment below.

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