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What is Digital Marketing? How it can help grow your business?

What is Digital Marketing? How it can help grow your business?


What is Digital Marketing? How it can help grow your business?

Digital marketing is a type of marketing through which we can promote our products or services with the help of some tools on internet like we can use mobile phones, we can run paid campaigns in several platforms like google ads, facebook ads, linkedin ads etc. The evolution of digital marketing since year 2000 has made an impact on businesses who use to promote their products or services online.

The investment being made on digital marketing has increased a lot from all kinds of business owners. We can reach a large amount of people online without spending more money. Such methods of promotion have become a great advantage for any business, and you can get decent profits. 

Digital marketing is not a business model and is not at all different from a basic marketing. There is a lot of confusion about what Digital marketing really is. Of course, there are people who created their business to use the Internet and make money. For them, this is a business model and the concept is based on Internet technologies.

But for most small businesses, Digital marketing is a separate communication medium that can be used to reach the target audience. It is very much necessary for businesses to build relationship with customers, know their behaviour and also gain equal amount of visibility within the sales market.

Important point for any business owner:

It may sound silly, but every business owner now a days need to have a website to start digital marketing. Before creating a website, it is necessary to select such keywords or phrases (search queries) that users will search to find your product or service offered. This can help professionals for whom digital marketing is a business model. It is important to ensure that your website is of high quality and meets the requirements of search engines.

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How digital marketing can help grow your business?

With help of applying proper digital marketing techniques businesses can generate more profit, find relevant target audience and generate great revenue. All kinds of businesses including small and medium sized companies can take the advantage of digital marketing. Digital marketing course can help you to promote your business online effectively. Although print media is present these days but it is more than expensive and not affordable for most of them.

Businesses can even make good presence in social media by improving their brand awareness. Companies performing digital marketing strategies have 2.5 times better revenue growth. Apart from this Real time marketing helps companies increase customer satisfaction, revenue, marketing efficiency. Digital marketing provides better ROI for investments.

digital signature is a mathematical scheme for verifying the authenticity of digital messages or documents.a digital signature online is completely different. Electronic signatures aren’t encrypted and may be one thing as easy as you causation “I accept” via email to mention, your CA or fund manager.

What are the different types of digital marketing techniques?

SEO / Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is a process in which you optimize every page of your website according to google seo guidelines. Each page must have a unique information like meta tags etc. This type of optimization helps google or other search engines to know more about your website and with the help of proper keywords usage in your content you can get rankings for your website in search engines.

SEM / Search Engine Marketing / Paid Advertising:

Paid Advertising is a type of advertising in which you pay a certain amount of money to an advertiser to show up your ad to only your target audience and whenever any user clicks your ad then only you will be charged. This type of paid advertising you can do for your website in various platforms which  includes search engines like google, bing, yahoo, facebook, linkedin etc.

SMM / Social Media Marketing:

Now a days social media has become a very powerful and affordable medium for businesses who are constantly looking for potential buyers and also they can find target audience according to their need. Recent studies have shown that there is not only an increase in the target audience, but also an increase in traffic conversions from social media too. They are becoming very effective communication channels for advertising. Based on stats, we can find that, around 45% of all the internet users are already on facebook.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing these days is more popular and important aspect businesses are focusing on, because anywhere if you have heard the word “Content is King”, it one of the key aspect where users are looking more and more quality content on internet. Users now a days needs to know more information about any company, products or services.

For example if a user wants to buy any product or service he will not directly go and purchase it, Instead he will search in internet and check for all the information about product or service, reviews for it and then go for the purchase. If businesses wants to stay on top of success, then they need to invest in content marketing without any doubt.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is present from so many years, but still it is as effective as it was. It is one of medium through which businesses can directly communicate with its audience. Emails are very popular till today and it will be in future also. In today’s world, almost every person has his own email address or the company for which he works.

Every individual has an email and he will have access to his emails on daily basis. If businesses need to successfully work on email marketing then they need to have great content which must be informative, relative, engaging.

Mobile Marketing:

Apart from all the digital marketing techniques, mobile marketing is one of the effective techniques to follow for businesses. Now a days almost all of us have a mobile phone. The use of mobile phones have increased at a fast pace year on year. Every businesses these days must have an app related to their products or services, and also their website also must be optimized for mobiles as well, as mobile devices are driving more traffic than any other medium. Performing correct mobile marketing technique can bring more conversions and sales for any business. So Mobile Marketing is one of the important marketing technique that every business must follow.

Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation is like a tool which is an integral platform that brings together all your digital marketing activities. Without it, your campaigns will look like an confused puzzle with a crucial missing part. Marketing automation software streamlines and automates marketing tasks and workflows. Also important point is, it measures the results and ROI of your marketing campaigns that will help grow business revenue much faster.


Digital marketing is an essential part of a marketing strategy for every serious business, regardless of its size and business model. So working on proper digital marketing strategies can lead to generate revenue and sales for your business.

Have you started working on digital marketing for your business? If no then this is the right time to do so.

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