What Are 15 Most Popular Shopify Apps to Boost Sales?

What Are 15 Most Popular Shopify Apps to Boost Sales?


What Are 15 Most Popular Shopify Apps to Boost Sales?

What do you know about Shopify? It actually has an exciting origin story. Scott Lake, Daniel Weinland, and Tobias Lutke were inspired by the idea of founding an online store. They wanted to call it SnowDevil and sell everything needed for snowboarding. Creating an online shop turned out to be such a deep and complex task that they decided to develop their own software product.

The internet store Shopify was built on a unique platform in 2006. It took two months to make the first version of SnowDevil with the Ruby on Rails framework. Shopify Application Store appeared in 2009.

Shopify Plus was created in 2014 to process up to 4 million requests per second and provide up to 10 thousand purchases per second. Its most famous clients are Google, Mozilla, Wikipedia, Citizen, and Tesla.

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A new sales channel, Pinterest, was added to Shopify in 2014 as well. Pinterest provides a particular function that allows placing photos of products containing price and stock information. The only thing you have to do is register a Pinterest business account.

Amazon Webstore recommended Shopify as a sales organization tool for Amazon in 2015. The Facebook store was announced a new sales channel in 2015 too.

Today, Shopify is the second most known platform for online sales that has a lot of unique websites. Shopify has been helping to increase the income of online stores for many years.

Check out the 15 most popular shopify apps to boost sales as below –

There are many various applications for online stores to choose from. It makes the choice more difficult for business owners. In our experience, these are the most useful applications that will help you get the most out of Shopify.

Boost Sales – 

Cross-sells and upsells are a good strategy for online commerce. Boost Sales is the best application for Shopify for these purposes. This app has impressive reporting capabilities, good design, and convenient customization.

How to influence customers’ choices? What are the best ways to show potential clients your products? Install the Boost Sales app that can recommend related products to customers when they are looking through other items or adding something to a cart.

When customers see related products, they often decide to buy them. A lot of revenue can come from cross-selling and up-selling. For these types of sales, you can use the popup form or the widget form.

Firepush –

Do you want a single effective application for many functions? Have you ever heard about marketing automation platforms that provide solutions to different tasks at the same time? Firepush offers a strategy of increasing the conversion rates. You get cost-effective remarketing, attracting customers through emails and sms mailing, advanced reporting tools, and process automation. Most online shops use many different apps to turn website visitors into real buyers. They try different types of promoting their products online. All these ways are rather expensive and take a lot of time. Firepush really works for good results because it has a systematic approach. Try it for your business and you will be able to see positive changes very soon.


Not enough time to study marketing? Not enough money to hire a professional marketer? No idea how online advertising works? No experience in increasing sales? We recommend Kit to solve all these problems at once. The app allows bringing customers back to your store using retargeting campaigns. It provides discount code creation and promotion through Shopify Ping or SMS. You can sleep, but Kit will be doing the work, without coffee breaks or lunch.

Kit is recognized as artificial intelligence that analyzes all selling processes and gives valuable advice. This app is so intelligent that it can provide marketing recommendations with information about your products and clients. Kit helps to manage advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, it also deals with emails and social media posts. Kit is a free application that is very important to support small businesses. Using this proactive helper, you can save time and money.

Growave –

Do you want to find your own pool of clients? Are you interested in attracting customers easier? Do you know how to increase conversion in sales? Do you know what transformation is? Sales conversion is the ratio of real buyers (those who used the product or service) to potential buyers. The other definition of conversion is converting leads into genuine buyers (for example, converting calls to sales). Growave has tools to convert your potential clients into real ones.

Growave can promote your brand, your online store, your business by using emails and social networks. This application increases conversion using clients’ reviews and custom content.

Checkout Boost –

Do you wish there was a single app with many functions? We recommend Checkout Boost. It can increase your sales by up to 25%. Checkout Boost catches customers that are going to abandon their carts. It is sad, but most online buyers never complete their intention to buy. They leave their carts before checking out. Thus, you need working instruments to convince them to follow through with their purchase.

The sales gamification technique allows creating special offers for customers. You can ask your clients to share their carts on Twitter or Facebook and get them hooked with discount codes or various gifts. Your company can offer free shipping. Referral traffic can be attracted to your business using tweets and posts on social networks. Run more tempting promotions on social media and get more sales!

Countdown Cart –

What do you feel when you see “quantity is limited” and “the next shipment of this item will be in a month”? Likely the desire to buy it immediately. This feeling that you need to get all these limited products in time works on most of us. We are so predictable! It doesn’t even matter whether you are an experienced shopper or a beginner. We are afraid to miss out on a product even if we have enough of it.

Countdown adds a special timer that shows the duration of sales. Sales countdown timers are a good tool for informing clients about offers and products running out of stock.  It positively affects your conversions, providing an incentive for buyers and moving them to the checkout. Make an accent on the urgency and scarcity of your products and become a business winner!

Moosend –

We can recommend Moosend as an interesting platform created for email marketing automation. It allows interacting with potential buyers in a more targeted manner. Moosend can be useful for both small and large businesses, delivering attractive and powerful emails to customers.

Do you want to make your email marketing more progressive? Are you interested in simplifying your marketing tasks? Moosend has an advanced set of features that can save your resources.

We know that a lot of subscribers don’t read all emails. They don’t have enough time, or they are simply not interested. Don’t worry! Moosend creates relevant emails that stimulate the clicking instincts in your subscribers.

SiteKit –

How effective do you think pop-ups are in online shopping? Do you want to turn visitors into customers? All answers are found on SiteKit application. SitKit creates various types of popups for any online business. It offers coupon pop-ups, top bars, and free shipping bars. SiteKit can help you with advertising and running different promotions for your brand. This app allows creating a special email list of your potential clients.

Coupon pop-ups can be used for giving away various incentives. These methods motivate potential buyers to subscribe to email newsletters, continue shopping, and complete orders.

Do you want to optimize the conversion rates of your website? Are you interested in advanced targeting? Use SiteKit. It is free, easy, and convenient.

Sales Pop –

Sales Pop was at the peak of its popularity in 2017. But even today, it continues to stay at the top of the list of the best-known Shopify applications. Sales Pop is created for increasing conversions using last sale popups. This app was so effective that it had 60,000 active users in January of 2017. It was one of the best Shopify apps actively used in sales.

It shows all the current information about recent purchases of other buyers, which stimulates trust and promotes new acquisitions. As a result, your conversion rate increases, and you generate more profit. This application automatically syncs with your shop’s data. It can find the last orders and create notification popups. It motivates potential customers to buy. Practice shows that it works as an excellent way to attract more clients.

Personalized Recommendation –

Do you like to feel unique? Do you want to get personalized recommendations? Try the Personalized Recommendation app. This app offers special items that can add to the product that the customer is viewing. These elements are shown at the bottom of every page.

The app also has a particular function called store best sellers. Every online shop has its most desirable product showcased on the homepage. It attracts your potential customers. Various types of pages show recently viewed and selected products in the footer. It is an automatic process that stimulates clients to make new orders. Another beneficial thing is cart recommendations. It offers the most needed products for certain customers.

The Smart Upsell Popup is rather useful in increasing conversions. It pops up to offer potential shoppers more interesting products that they may want to purchase. The widget of handpicked products allows business owners to showcase the items that they want. You can compile a particular selection of products that can be of interest for the customers. It is a useful service that saves your time. Are you buying a pair of shoes? You may need socks. Purchasing a washing machine? You need detergent and stain remover. Try Personalized Recommendation and make life easier for your customers! –

How much time do you spend on developing your online store? How much effort do you put into attracting new customers? can help you to turn your potential clients into regulars. One of the proven ways is to create your brand’s community. Invite your clients to this community and encourage them to share information about your brand. There are a lot of good reviews about Fifty thousand entrepreneurs and enterprises used this app and it is recognized as one of the best Shopify applications. has available program management. It is so easy that you don’t need developer services to manage your clients, reward them and make various changes to the rewarding system. You can create a convenient interface for your customers using your favorite tools. Create your reward system that could become a motivating factor for clients. is a good app for creating customer referrals, birthday rewards, account registration rewards, and other marketing strategies.

Instagram Shop –

Do you have an account on Instagram? Have you ever bought products in an Instagram shop? Shopping on Instagram is the main trend of recent years! It is convenient to use one app for many functions, and nowadays, Instagram is so popular that every brand has its page on this app. You can find both aspiring entrepreneurs and famous brands here. The variety of products and services on offer is impressive.

All businesses on Instagram depend on the number of subscribers and advertising efficiency. The multitude of offers on this social network makes it challenging to find a specific product. Users waste their time searching for needed items. Thus, this particular app was developed to help owners of Instagram businesses and their customers.

Snapppt is created to help you use your Instagram account more effectively. It allows you to refer a client directly to the unique option of buying products. You can transfer the images from your Instagram account to your Snapppt profile. These images will lead your potential client to your Instagram shop. Snapppt simplifies buying the item your subscribers can see in your Instagram posts.

Facebook Shop –

Do you have experience shopping using your Facebook account? Maybe you are an owner of an online business and know various strategies for selling on Facebook? In any case, you can activate a particular sales channel on Facebook. Your page will contain a Shop tab that allows your potential clients to see your products. Customers can use mobile or desktop devices to make an order directly on Facebook. Shopify allows managing your products, assortment, and orders.

It works the same way as the Instagram application. The number of Facebook visitors is growing, which means the number of potential customers of your shop also increases. It only takes a few minutes to install this app, and it is a good investment in business development.

Auto Currency Switcher –

Do you want to take your brand to the international level? Don’t hesitate! We recommend a handy app called Auto Currency Switcher. You can run a business in several countries at the same time, but your potential clients would prefer to see the prices in their home currency. Practice shows that people perceive information better when they see familiar symbols. This concerns language and currency too.

Auto Currency Switcher allows changing the type of currency the customers see. But prices at the checkout are still fixed in the shop currency. Don’t miss your chance to increase your profit several times and become a popular international brand!

Better Coupon Box –

Do you want to create your follower list or email list? Do you want to get new subscribers and followers by attracting their attention to your shop using a special discount? It is all possible with a Better Coupon Box. Encourage your customers, motivate them with your best offers!

Gorgias –

Increasing conversion rates is the goal of every business owner. When you see how many visitors come to your online shop, you hope that most of them will turn into real clients. The app allows making shopping personalized for all customers at the same time. You can offer the best service for clients from different countries. We advise answering all buyers’ questions and giving them full and reliable information about your products, payment, and delivery methods. You can make your sales through social networks, emails, and chats. Your task is to track all interactions, not just ones made through the site.

Do you have a massive business with a well-known brand name? Maybe you are an aspiring entrepreneur? You cannot reach maximum efficiency without using internet commerce. The importance of online trading is always growing. We have almost forgotten the time when purchases could be made only from physical stores or markets. Even people who do not normally use the internet for purchases have mastered this activity during the pandemic.

We were aiming to make your choice easier by describing the main features of the most popular Shopify applications. Nowadays, we have a lot of advantages provided by apps specially designed for increasing conversion rates. Many entrepreneurs and enterprises have already tried these apps and achieved the expected results. Be the one to join them today.

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