Why Technology Is Key To Success In Recruiting Millennials?

Why Technology Is Key To Success In Recruiting Millennials?


Why Technology Is Key To Success In Recruiting Millennials?

Millennials, or Generation Y, is the demographic between, you guessed it, Generation X and Y. The generally accepted birth years to be classed as a millennial is roughly 1981 to 1996 or, more broadly, the early 1980s to the mid 1990s. A good rule of thumb is that it is people who were just old enough to remember, and be affected by, the change of millennium.

Of all the internet users in the whole world, millennials make up over 32%.  They also make up almost half of all smartphone users in the UK. It is well known at this point that technology and millennials go hand in hand, but why is technology the key to success when recruiting millennials to your workforce?

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Why are Millennials so tech savvy?

The outlook of millennials is unique, as they have seen major technological developments over their lives. They might have grown up with records and tapes, seen the rise and fall of the CD, the MP3 player, the IPod, and now the music streaming service. Similarly, they have gone from dial up internet and floppy disks, to CD Roms and USBs, and now cloud drives

Older generations have often given this age group a bad rep, by labelling them as entitled or lazy. However, millennials have proven to be more educated, more diverse and more gender equal. It’s somewhat strange to think that millennials seem to get this bad rep because of their use of technology. Because, lets face it, why do something the long way around, when it could take the pressing of a couple of buttons?

Reasons why technology is key to success in recruiting millennials?

Millennials are one day going to be the top of the workforce, so as a business it is important to attract the up and coming workforce in order to grow. This generation is accustomed to using technology for everything- and I mean everything.

Most job applications are now online. You can Google ‘jobs in my area’ and apply with a simple click. If the job is advertised online, it is more likely to get noticed by a more ‘tech savvy’ audience. Sometimes businesses aren’t up to date with technology, and that is okay, it doesn’t need to be expensive to upgrade.

Look at your Business Phone Systems and figure out how long have they been there. You could easily switch to using a cloud-based telephony system that would improve user experience and allow your workforce to be flexible in their working patterns. The best part is, some of these can be integrated into the infrastructure you already have.

Millennials are the future, so it is important to recruit a reliable workforce while we can and establish a long-term working culture. To do so, technology is absolutely the key. While it’s true that social media gets a bad reputation, it can be an incredible marketing tool. Cloud-based working is judged as unreliable but has allowed so many people to work through the pandemic. The use of technology, and even allowing the use of smartphones, must be embraced as we look to the future.

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