Will Delivery Drones Become the Future of Delivery Business?

Will Delivery Drones Become the Future of Delivery Business?



Are delivery drones going to become the future of delivery logistics?

In 2013, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos caused a stir when he proclaimed delivery drones to be the future of e-commerce and logistics. While delivery drones have not yet become the norm six years on, it’s clear that this technology has been making impressive strides. So, is it likely that we will we see drones dominate the skies in the near future or is it all just pie in the sky? This infographic guide from 2Flow investigates.

Let’s See Will Delivery Drones Become the Future of Delivery Business?

What is a Delivery Drone?

Also known as an “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” (UAV), a drone is an unpiloted aircraft or spacecraft. Delivery drones are specially designed logistical devices that transport small goods from a retail outlet to their consumer’s location.

The Growing Use of Delivery Drones:

While delivery drones have not yet gone mainstream, we are beginning to see more and more organisations (ranging from charities to food delivery services and even retailers) adopt the technology. In the US alone, drone delivery has surged from a $40 million industry in 2012 to $1 billion in 2017.

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The Argument In Favour of Delivery Drones:

Proponents of cargo drone technology claim that it could make delivery logistics faster and less expensive. What’s more, research has shown that drones could be used in tandem with traditional road haulage to cover the last mile of each delivery, thereby dramatically reducing travel times and their associated costs.

The Case Against Delivery Drones:

However, there are still several crucial issues that will need to be resolved before the widespread adoption of drone delivery technology. The most pressing of which is the strict government regulation which curbs accessible air space for drones. Critics have also pointed to noise and pollution considerations that will also need to be addressed.

To find out more about delivery drones, take a look at the infographic guide below:





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