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7 Best YouTube Marketing Tips to Follow in 2019

7 Best YouTube Marketing Tips to Follow in 2019



In recent times, creating videos is the best content marketing strategy, and the best place to publish them is on YouTube. YouTube is the first social media platform that deals with only videos. It has more than 1,300,000,000 users, which is an overwhelming number, especially for brands and businesses.

Due to the popularity of YouTube, 48% of marketers are planning to use YouTube for content distribution and connecting with more users globally. It is a great strategy as users can easily understand your message when they see it. Also, we process and remember visuals better than text.

Moreover, video is not a passing trend, which will disappear in 2-3 years, it is going to stay. So, if you are a marketer, you certainly must have a YouTube channel. Creating a channel on this platform is easy, but maintaining it is not.

Most of the times, brands don’t get expected results from this because of two reasons- inconsistency in publishing content, and not promoting or marketing the channel enough. If you don’t market your product, how will people know about it? If you are inconsistent in publishing videos, creating a loyal fan-base will become difficult.

The second problem you can solve easily by creating more quality content. For the first problem, here are some tips that will help you market your YouTube video better.

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Here are 7 Best YouTube Marketing Tips to Follow in 2019:

1. Optimize the video title to get more clicks:

The title of the video is one of the biggest factors that can help your video get noticed, clicked, and shared on the internet. That is why you should do keyword research for your title, and make use of phrases or words that people type while searching for related content.

Here are some more tips for optimizing your video title:

  • The title should be short, catchy and related to the content
  • Try to add the current year
  • Use keywords at the beginning of the title
  • Use emotional trigger and power words like sensual, lonely or best and awesome respectively.

2. Include subtitles to your video:

The recent update of YouTube lets you add subtitles to your video. Every YouTuber and brand must include this feature in their video. It is because it helps surpass the language barrier. If your video is in a regional language or another language, it will be hard for people to understand in other countries. But when you add subtitles, everyone will be able to understand what you are trying to say.

Also, people watch videos in public, and if they don’t have headphones, they watch it without volume. At such times, subtitles can help them understand the context of your video.

3. Video Tags:

YouTube has a limit of 500 characters for video tagging. But sadly most brands are using this feature wrong or not using it at all. It is a big mistake as YouTube tagging can help you get more popularity and growth.

Here are some tips:

  • Use your brand name or other unique video tags
  • Use your keywords as a tag
  • Find high ranking videos and use the tags used by them in your video.

4. Content matters:

While creating a video, focusing on content is important. You cannot post content that is not relatable or has low-quality. N amount of promotions will help your channel if the content is poor. Here are some tips:

  • Research your target audience, and create content that interests and engages them.
  • Divide your ideas- take one idea and divide it into two-three sub-ideas that will your content creating topics. For example: if your brands sell chocolates you can have different categories like- best chocolates, how chocolates are made and so on.
  • Don’t copy someone else’s idea
  • Be consistent in posting your videos otherwise; you won’t get loyal followers.

5. Create a perfect YouTube thumbnail:

If you are a verified YouTube content creator, you can customize your thumbnail. It will help you get more visibility in the related and suggested video category. To create a perfect thumbnail, follow these tips:

  • Its resolution should be 1280*720
  • Keep the size 2 MB
  • The thumbnail should work on both mobiles and desktop
  • Use the title of your video on the thumbnail
  • Use images of a person from the video.

To create a professional thumbnail easily, use Canva.

6. Collaborate or interview influencers:

There are tons of YouTube content creators, to promote your brand you can collaborate with them. Any YouTuber who has more than 10K followers is an influencer, and if they promote your brand, you will get organic traffic.

Another way is to find the top influencers in your niche and interview them for your channel. It will give you more exposure in the industry as well as with the audience.

7. Use social media for sharing your videos:

Every YouTube content creator has a profile on one or two social media platforms. Take advantage of that and promote your video there. It is a great way to generate more traffic and reach more users.

I hope these tips will help your channel grow. Let me know if there are other tips that you found helpful for your channel.

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