Best Spy App for Your Android Cell Phone

Best Spy App for Your Android Cell Phone



Are you looking for the best spy app for android mobile phones? The spy market is occupied with monitoring and tracking apps enabling users to remotely monitor mobile phone activities. The vast options of mobile phone monitoring apps have made it complicated for beginners to pick up the most appropriate spy app for android cell phones. After reviewing the most popular android spy apps, we have found the best application to track mobile phones without physical access. Read on to know which cell phone tracker app is among the best spy apps for android phones at the moment.

TheOneSpy– Best Spy App for your Android Cell Phone:


TheOneSpy is a cross-platform app that is intended for parents and employers to remotely monitor and manage mobile phone devices of children and employees. It enables users to secretly and remotely track cell phone activities. Once you install the app on the targeted android phone, you can monitor and control it via online control panel. The web portal or the online control panel of TheOneSpy lets you access the targeted phone data and enables to send commands to that device to make it perform certain actions. Read on to know the most powerful features of the best spy app for android cell phone.

Spy on Social Media Apps:








The most commonly used social media apps and instant messaging apps can be monitored with the help of the best cell phone tracker app. You can track activities performed on Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tinder, Kik, Tumblr, Telegram, Hike and Hangout. The end-user of the tracking app can monitor chats, media files, social media post and friend-lists.

Track GPS Location:

Parents can trace the footprints of their children to ensure their security in the real world. The cell phone tracking app tracks GPS location of the monitored phone and provides information about the current GPS location and location history of your kids.

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Track Messages:

The text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages sent and received via monitored android phones can be read via online control panel. The tracking app creates online backup of incoming and outgoing chats and syncs SMS log to provide contact detail of message senders and receivers.

Call Recording:

The phone calls received and made via monitored android phone can be recorded to keep track of cell phone activities of the target. The tracker app automatically records all phone calls and syncs call logs to provide contact information of callers and recipients.

Screen Recording:

Whatever appears on the screen of the monitored android phone can be captured in form of short video or screenshots. You can witness real-time cell phone activities of the target by sending command via online control panel.

Surround Monitoring:

The android spy app enables parents to protect their children from the potential dangers in the real world. The app helps protect kids from the bullies and predators in the surroundings. By turning on camera and microphone of the monitored phone via online control panel, you can see what is happening in the surroundings of your child. You can take photos and make videos remotely operating both front and back cameras of the targeted device.

Track Internet History:

The mobile phone monitoring app lets you track the internet usage of your concerned individuals and groups. You can get access to the internet browsing history of the monitored phone and see which websites were visited by the target.

Track Media Files:

The photos, videos and audios stored on the memory on the targeted mobile phone can be retrieved via online portal of the android tracker app. The app automatically creates online backup of all media files and allows user to access even deleted media.

Control Apps & Device:

The android spy app lets you control apps installed on the phone. You can block, unblock or uninstall apps right from the online control panel. Also, you can lock or unlock the monitored phone without taking it into possession.

There is more you can do using the best spy app for android cell phone. You can know more about the app here.

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