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10 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page in 2019

10 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page in 2019



Not a social media geek? Are you tired of promoting business through online platforms and getting hopeless outcomes? Social media platforms in today’s times have proven to remain an unquestionable stage to make your business system sound louder than only the newsfeed. Facebook is a tool that is a forever free promotion resource for any business. Through Facebook page promotion, fans can be successfully turned up into business’ potential customers. Businesses have tried hard to attract traffic for landing on their Facebook pages but have failed time and again due to some bareback causes. There is an ample amount of availabilities with Facebook that leads promotion goes well directed and reaches the right targeted audience. Paid and Volunteer alternatives of Facebook page promotion if amalgamated and implemented extensively can make a business stand popular amongst the people. The question lies here is that how creatively does a Facebook page promotion is made possible to promote any business? Here are the ten best ways to promote a Facebook page.

Let us check 10 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page in 2019:


1. Page like Feature:



One of the easiest ways of promoting the Facebook page is to like one’s own page. A user can like his own page and also spread the word about the same amongst Facebook connections via Facebook messenger or say E-mail. By doing so, your Facebook friends are able to know that their friend has liked something and they will opt out to look forward to it. This promotion tactic stands free of cost yet an effective solution. Frequently practicing it with strategic involvement of users can assure huge traffic towards your website/business.

2. Embark it on Website:

Most of the businesses own a published website based on their business title. A simple way of adding the Facebook page code into your website can work really well. Plugging in the Facebook code into the website’s HTML code can grant access to more number of users. Maybe Your timeline, your blogs, your events can be tracked through these ways, and traffic of both your website and the Facebook page gets benefited by either of them.

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3. Let business work for Promotion:

If you own the Facebook page in regard to your business undertakings, it is a cherry to the cupcake. Use your business itself to promote your Facebook page. Send E-mails to your employees stating that spread the link more and compel their family and friends to practice the same. Formulate certain strategies that before entering into a business transaction, the party has to go through your Facebook page once and like it. Things work wonderfully by using such techniques.

4. Make URL a part of your signature:

Imagine the mere count of E-mails that you send daily to individuals or organizations! How about adding an URL of the Facebook page of the business towards the end of the complementary clause by making it a part of the digital signature? Every single E-mail sent is an opportunity for the business to get founded by someone exclusively new to them. Promoting Facebook page by this means is like talking about free publicity.

5. Tag more traffic:

A business Facebook page can tag well-trafficked pages that already prevail on the platform. By tagging such pages whilst updating about ours, it might be possible that the traffic of that page even strikes our business Facebook page! There is a possibility of their fans becoming fans of our business page too. Thus, tagging popular fan pages on our business Facebook page updates is like tagging the traffic directly.

6. Let your fans do it for you:

A business can leverage its authority by saying its prevailing fans to promote their Facebook page. Fans can post the link on their timeline or personal profile. Business Facebook page can be promoted, even by spreading its word on its fan’s Facebook page. Businesses could double their likes and followings by this management tactic.

7. Organic Optimization (SEO):

SEO Search Engine Optimization


Facebook page admins having more than 100 fans following base can target organic posts on the basis of gender, relationship status, educational status, age, and so on. Optimizing this way could make a business reach a perfect audience that would like, comment, and share more.

8. Create Content that Conquers:



Above all, content is the prominent key towards attracting more traffic to your Facebook page. Information correlated to trending talks or favorite topics on Facebook can be attached as a blog or news feed in the business Facebook page and thus double their traffic masses.

9. Go Live:



Stream live updates about events, webinars, and news by broadcasting live on the Facebook live feature and thereby get more known in the community. It reveals real-time genuine business updates that fetch more trust amongst the users.

10. Fellow Social Media Platforms:



The best way to promote Facebook page is to get work by fellow social media sites. Update your WhatsApp status having a link of the page. Add page URL to your YouTube feed. Let learning go-ahead by LinkedIn posts.  Tweet the link worldwide. Spread it through Pinterest and Instagram.

Henceforth, the above ideas of promoting the Facebook page proves that if properly taken care of tracking, reporting, and delivery of sources alike Learning Management System in E-learning, then the business can be easily promoted. Do you own a business? Do you have your Facebook page? Don’t have one? Create it and start exploring!

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