Cool Things You Can Do With Your Android Phone

Cool Things You Can Do With Your Android Phone

We already know that Android is quite a cool invention!

After all, it feels like a computer in your pocket which comes with an array of features that makes your life easier. While we are already aware of the fact that if you own an Android smartphone, you already love your phone, did you know that there are cool things you can do with your device other than using it solely as a medium to check out social media?

Cool things you can do with your Android Phone








Well, here is how you can make the most of your phone even further. Bet you didn’t know your Android phone can be a magician in its own right.

Let’s see what are the cool things you can do with your android phone?

Works as a TV remote when you want it to

Some Android devices come with infrared blasters. So if you lose your TV remote which inevitably means missing out on your favorite TV series, do not fret.

All you have to do is use your smartphone as a TV remote by making use of apps on Google Play. If your device comes with an infrared blaster, you can control anything that comes with infrared signals. This also includes set top boxes and garage gates. So the next time you want to play tricks on your friends or are too lazy to get up from the couch for your actual TV remote, use your smartphone instead.

Helps you access Google chrome tabs from other devices

Your smartphone also makes it possible to access Google chrome tabs from other devices. As long as you are signed into Chrome, your Android device can easily gain access to other open tabs on your device. To do this, all you have to do is press ‘other devices’ from Menu or New Tab Page or click on the bottom right-hand corner icon of folders with arrows.

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Ensures screen stays lit for as long as you are staring at it

Everytime your screen time duration ends can be a pain but not anymore when you know this trick. With the right app, you can ensure your screen is bright for as long as you are looking at it and even save on battery power. This is possible with the help of your device’s front facing camera that detects when and for how long you are looking at the screen. This makes reading articles online even easier and less annoying.

Makes scanning documents and bar codes seamless

 With the help of your Android phone’s back camera, which you use to take pictures of moments and memories, you can also scan barcodes and documents. With the help of apps that make it easy for you to use your device as a barcode or document scanner, you can scan seamlessly, promptly and in a hassle-free manner.

Serves as a fitness tracker

 Do not have a fitness tracker but want to keep tabs on the number of steps you took today? Simply use your smartphone to keep a watch on your fitness levels. Your android device comes with a variety of sensors such as a compass, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and even a barometer. This makes it seamless to keep a watch on your various activities whether this includes running, walking or even how much time you spend sleeping.

Voice search your needs

A lot of brands like Panasonic Smartphones, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung Mobiles, and many more make smartphones with voice recognition software. Voice commands make it feel like you have your very own assistant to do things for you.

All you have to do is look for the microphone icon after you log into Google search. If you want to send a text or an email, all you have to do is say your command. With this feature, you can write notes, fix appointments and even email reminders whether you are feeling lazy to type or have your hands performing other tasks.

Customize vibrations for different contacts

 You can be aware of who has texted or emailed you simply by sensing the vibrations that buzz your device. This proves to be handy when you are at a movie theater, in the middle of a religious ceremony or a meeting. It helps you stay alert for incoming calls even when your Android phone is on silent mode. To use this feature, head to contacts, select a contact and edit it to select its very own vibrating pattern.

Besides this, you can use your smartphone to check humidity and temperature, unlock your phone through the help of facial recognition, encrypt your data, establish a cloud connection through Google drive, plug a mouse into your phone and even control an LED light bulb. So you see, there are so many things you still don’t know about your device even though you may own it for years.

Now that you are aware of the things your android device can do, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use it to your maximum advantage.

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