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Top 10 Tips to Generate Leads from Social Media in 2019

Top 10 Tips to Generate Leads from Social Media in 2019


Social media can do magic for your online business is utilized properly. Before featuring the lead generation tips through social media over here it will good to understand the term “leads”.

What is called as a Lead?

Leads can be simply defined as the group of potential customers whom you have managed to impress with your effective advertising strategies and the customers start showing interest in your services, products or company. These customers share their contact information which can be used in following up them later.

Later these leads are likely to pass to the sales department for better engagement with them. For more conversions you need to approach these potential customers with tailored and effective content marketing programs.

If you are doing business online and haven’t used social media for generating leads, you are simply neglecting one of the biggest networking platforms of this era. Gone are the days when marketing firms used to make calls to their potential customers and get answered. These days’ more than 90 percent people will not even receive such calls.

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Time has changed and people spend more time on social media compared to phone calls. Each and every business is utilizing this platform to reach more people, generate more leads and create better conversion chances.

Let us find out what are the Top 10 tips to generate leads from social media in 2019:

1. Facebook Resources:

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites and it can also help you in gaining leads online. If you are obsessed with number of likes and shares only, you are making huge mistake. Like, shares and comments aren’t going to help you much.

Although email marketing still holds first place for generating leads Facebook has also emerged as an incredible powerful lead generation tool over the years. I have listed few tips about how to use Facebook resources and grab more attention of prospective customers.

  • Include newsletter sign-up page
  • Hold Facebook contests
  • Add sign-up CTA’s to you Facebook Cover
  • Facebook Ads can do wonders
  • Exclusive deals and offers

2. Poll and Surveys:

Now this is something social media can be utilized at its best. Poll and surveys helps you in establishing better relationship with your potential customers and various social media platforms will help you in reaching masses in no time.

You can directly ask your customers and get their opinions rather than assuming what they think about your products and services. You can receive the wealth of crucial information from a well performed survey. Polls and surveys can help you in getting fantastic feedbacks and reviews about your product.

This information can be used in making better roadmaps for your product’s quality, usability and credibility. It’s always necessary to work on your weaknesses and social media surveys can help you a lot in figuring the elements needed to be fixed easily.

3. Crowd Networking:

What about an online platform which can amplify your message over a huge network of social media users? It will be great no doubt. Crowd networking platforms can help you in leveraging your lead generation efforts incredibly.

If you are new to crowd networking or social media networking sources let me introduce few here. There are hundreds of platforms available but handful of them are worthy such as GuestCrew, Crowdfire etc. These sites can help you a lot in handling your multiple social media accounts in a much proper and organized way.

4. Host Webinars:

People will love to listen you rather than reading your blog’s texts. Webinars and live videos will help stabilizing more personal relations with the readers and followers.

Watching a person live is clearly not boring compared to the written content thus always make effort to add some live events in your content marketing strategies.

5. Focus More on Gated Content:

Gated contents are one of the best tools to generate leads through social media. Many of us don’t know much about gated content and many don’t even know what gated content called.

What is gated content?

A gated content is a kind of online material which can be only accessible after filling a form. These contents could be a white paper, video, content or podcast. A well gated content create more buzz and interest among the audience, customers and social media followers.

6. Become Valuable:

Be useful and problem solver for your social media followers. Doing this will boost online engagement with your audience resulting in better lead generation and more conversion.

You can provide something important for free or at low cost to your audience. Many internet marketers use this strategy in order to make better relations with their readers and customers. When they find your stuffs useful they also ask others to follow you and that’s how your reach increased.

List of the things to be provided featured below:

  • Email course
  • Expert interviews
  • Free consultation
  • Cheat sheets
  • eBook
  • Toolkit
  • Case studies

7. Tweet Chats:

Twitter can also be used to organize live videos to your customers. Tweet chats are one of the most powerful and effective ways to interact with your audience and the best part is that the interaction will be one-on-one.

Before diving into twitter chats make sure to consider these points:

  • Discover a appealing topic
  • Don’t do direct selling via Twitter chats
  • Keep things simple
  • Ensure high quality video feed
  • Do a little rehearsal

8. Geotargeted Search:

If you own a local business then geotargeted search can help you uncover appropriate leads. One of the best things of geotargeted search is that it helps you reaching the exact people.

Geotargeting can be also beneficial for large companies. With geotargeting you can search whatever type of social media posts you want to track. After tracking you can reach out those people with your offers and deals.

You can even contact them to say hello at the beginning and later proceed according to their interest. Few ways to perform successful geotargeting search mentioned below:

  • Advance Twitter search
  • Use Geotargeting tools
  • Via Hootsuite
  • Via

9. Social Selling:

Social selling does not stand for selling through social media. Here social selling is all about building relationships with the prospective customers.

Creating a bond with the customers is one of the most difficult tasks. Once your audience starts listening and following it becomes easy to convert them into customers.

10. Social Media Management Tools:

With social media management tools you can generate leads in a more manageable way. If you are looking for a worthy social media management tool, there are many.

These tools help you in saving your lot of energy and resources. When you own multiple social media accounts and using these platforms for your online business it becomes necessary to have a good social media marketing tool in your pouch.

Bottom Line:

One can achieve better results with email marketing because it is still dominating the world of online business but it doesn’t mean you should ignore social media. Social media marketing can be a good alternative to email marketing if utilized well.

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