Dish Launches First English Language Learning TV Channel

Dish Launches First English Language Learning TV Channel


Dish Launches First English Language Learning TV Channel By A Paid TV Provider –

Dish Network is committed to bringing the best in TV to families, and has now taken that one step further by creating the first ever English learning channel by a paid TV provider; Inglés Para Todos.

DISH Network commissioned an internal study open DishLATINO customers that revealed a staggering 70% of their Spanish dominant speaking household customers are interested in or currently learning to improve their English skills. Resulting from that study and an active effort to raise up the Latino community, an ESL television channel Inglés Para Todos was created. The Inglés Para Todos channel was designed for the sole purpose of helping interested viewers learn and improve their English language proficiency no matter what skill level they are at.

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Inglés Para Todos Programming –

Inglés Para Todos programming has three types of content; traditional, situation and educational content. They include a great variety of educational classes, English language movies and documentaries with Spanish subtitles to help viewers learn more effectively through watching, listening and engaging in bilingual content.

Programming on Ingles Para Todos airs every day, 24 hours a day whenever the viewer is ready to learn. DishLATINO customers can access both live programming and programming on-demand from the channel by TV or on-the-go by mobile device via the DISH Anywhere app.

There’s something for everyone on Inglés Para Todos regardless of current English proficiency. New viewers of the Inglés Para Todos can expect to find three different skill levels to choose from; basic, intermediate and advanced. Basic and intermediate focuses on learning new words, verbs and phrases that can be used in everyday situations. While the advanced level classes focus on the ability to converse and speak in public using everything learned thus far.

Traditional content on Inglés Para Todos focuses on a singular popular topic and incorporates all the commonly used words and phrases related to that topic into the content to get viewers thinking in both Spanish and English. At the end of each program, pronunciation will be reviewed again so viewers can take the time to practice what they have just learned while it is still fresh in their minds.

Inglés Para Todos’ situational content teaches most commonly used words and phrases related to common real life situations like work, meeting new people and going to the doctor. Inglés Para Todos presenters speak in both English and Spanish throughout their presentations while highlighting important words or phrases to remember on the screen. These classes are generally shorter, from just a few minutes up to 20 minutes to help the viewer retain all the new words and phrases they just learned.

The extensive entertainment library featured on Inglés Para Todos has a wide collection of movies, TV shows and documentaries in English with Spanish subtitles. There is also a large selection of Spanish content with English subtitles as well. This area of the channel was created to be fun while also being effective in improving both listening and pronunciation skills of its viewers. Studies show that immersing yourself into the language and culture fast tracks learners in both conversational skills and pronunciation.

Where To Find The Inglés Para Todos Channel?

Inglés Para Todos is exclusive to DishLATINO and is included free in all DishLATINO TV packages. Dish Network customers with English TV packages can also access Inglés Para Todos if they have also subscribed to the add-on Latino Bonus Pack. DishLATINO and DISH Network customers can find Inglés Para Todos on channel 829 in their channel guides.

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