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How to Incorporate Facebook Messenger Marketing into Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

How to Incorporate Facebook Messenger Marketing into Your Digital Marketing Strategy?



Digital marketing has always been about stacking the deck, using many different channels to promote a business.

You want to get as much advantage as possible, and there’s no better time than now.

Pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, social media, and so on all play a part in digital marketing.

Now we have Facebook Messenger marketing, which has been the trend for the past few years.

Make Facebook Messenger marketing a part of your digital marketing strategy with these tips.

Let’s have a look How to Incorporate Facebook Messenger Marketing into Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Facebook Messenger Marketing:

Facebook Messenger marketing is sending messages about products and services to a person’s chat inbox.

Since Facebook Messenger is one of the largest personal messaging platforms in the world, marketing in it seems to make sense.

The chat inbox is said to be the most intimate place on the Internet, and people check it all the time.

What companies used to do with email and text messaging, they now do with Facebook Messenger.

The functionality that the platform gives to users is so good that marketing in it is a no-brainer.

Tapping into as many as 1.3 billion potential customers has always been a dream for entrepreneurs.

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And the great thing is Facebook Messenger marketing continues to evolve as days pass.

Facebook Messenger Marketing for Ecommerce.

Over 2 billion messages are sent between users and businesses each month.

That makes Facebook Messenger a godsend for ecommerce businesses out there, and not just for customer service.

It can also be used for other stages of the sales funnel to both attract and please customers.

This doesn’t mean you just dump email marketing and other channels and put all your eggs in the Facebook Messenger basket.

You simply add Facebook Messenger marketing as a part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

In Facebook Messenger marketing, customers only continue to receive messages from you if they had actually engaged with you before.

That means these messages wouldn’t be as disruptive as emails that just get spam-filtered.

More users get to see what you send in Messenger, making it a more powerful marketing channel.

Hedge your bets and add Facebook Messenger marketing to your business to see good results.

You can incorporate it into your e-commerce business with the following:




1. Chat Blasting:

As you would with email blasting, you can use chat blasting to do the same thing.

But with Facebook Messenger marketing, you can get higher open and click-through rates with chat blasts.

Whether you have a new blog post or a new product page, you can send a chat notification to everyone in your contact list easily.



















This can be done easily with MobileMonkey to automatically send a message to everyone to let them know what’s new.

2. Order Confirmation Messages:

If you have an ecommerce system in place, you already have order confirmation messages automatically sent via email.

But having them sent through Facebook Messenger gives you an extra edge as it makes them more immediate and useful.

Facebook has a Send to Messenger plugin that can be integrated with your online store, which you should definitely take advantage of.

With the click of the confirm button, customers can have an order confirmation message sent directly to their Messenger inbox.



They’ll get to see it immediately in their mobile device, thus making transactions more seamless and they’ll know more quickly if something went wrong.

This can be set up through MobileMonkey with no hassle at all, making your customer service easier to deal with.

3. Shipping Notifications:

Of course, order confirmations aren’t the only thing you need to take care of in the ecommerce sales process.

Shipping notifications let your customer know if their purchases are on their way.

Letting them know about that shipping status in advance makes your ecommerce business that much more attractive.

But there’s no need to bug them with it as it would be too disruptive to message them about it every single step of the way.

The key here is to have a maximum of three messages that informs them of the shipping.

One to let them know that their package has been shipped and another to let them know it’s about to arrive.

You can have two sent through Facebook Messenger, and one through email; that should be sufficient.

4. Abandoned Cart Recovery Messages:

One of the most important parts of e-commerce is the abandoned cart message.

It reminds customers of what they left behind and gives them a second chance to get back to their purchase.

They abandon carts due to either changing their minds or simply having forgotten about it.

Usually, abandoned cart messages are sent through email, and that tends to work well enough.

But through Messenger, those abandoned cart messages get that amazing 80% open rate that Facebook Messenger has become known for.

There’s a good reason why they put those products in your cart, and you get to remind them why they did so.

5. Facebook Retargeting Ads:

There are always past customers who have not bought from your business for a long time.

They include those who have bought from you only once and those who used to be loyal customers.

You know they’ve been interested in your business before, and they’ve successfully transacted with you.

So, there’s a good chance you can make them interested again through retargeting.

Due to the nature of retargeting, the ads made for it tend to perform quite well.

That makes retargeting a must-have step in your digital marketing strategy.

In this platform, you have Facebook retargeting ads that can greatly help you with that.

You can create a segment of those customers who’ve shown that interest or once been converted.

They can then be sent suggestions of products they may be interested in that they’ve not purchased yet.


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