Why Do People Prefer Cryptocurrency over Usual Money?

Why Do People Prefer Cryptocurrency over Usual Money?


Why Do People Prefer Cryptocurrency over Usual Money?

Now a lot of people try to make their life easier and the process of earning money as well. And cryptocurrency suits their needs very well. The cryptocurrency marketing agency has become one of the most sought-after agencies in the field of blockchain technology as they develop the right content for offline marketing, social media marketing, display marketing, PR service, and many more marketing strategies.

If you didn’t try to pay with crypto, I would say that you lose a lot of benefits. At first, the payments are very fast – your crypto will be delivered to another person in minutes, the maximum duration is usually up to 30 minutes, and still, it depends on the amount of BTC you send. 

Secondly, the fees are low despite the processes of app development cost a lot of money. By the way, fees and the transaction’s duration are connected. Different crypto wallets offer their users to choose the speed of transaction, and the faster you want it to proceed, the higher fees you need to pay but even the highest fees are low compared to the commissions of other payment services. 

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Then it is time to talk about geographical restrictions. There are some limits only if you want to make an account on the exchange but we don’t talk about it now. About payments – there are no limits and you can send or receive crypto from any part of the world. 

Did you know that crypto wallets are safer than bank storages? Now you know! And this is the next reason. Of course, the only moment is that there are literally a lot of different types of wallets and all of them are for different needs, I think. For example, if you want to hold only Bitcoin or only Ethereum, you can choose any wallet, but if you want to store different coins, you will better choose the multi-currency one.

The levels of safety are different as well. If you want to trade crypto with often deposits and withdrawals, I will recommend you to choose the mobile but non-custodial wallet. And in the case you want to hold the coin, you can freely use the hardware wallet or the paper one.

And the last one but the favorite reason for users is anonymity. When you send crypto from the BTC wallet, no one will know who you are, where you are from, how much crypto you hold, etc. It is very convenient! 

What about trading? A lot of people think it is very easy and profitable. I should say that it is really profitable but for sure it is not easy! According to the statistics, around 60% – 70% of newcomers lose money after starting to trade without the proper experience. 

Some people who have experience in crypto trading analyze the market and trade based on their predictions. And other parts of people start their trading career with crypto trading signals

Even if you didn’t hear about such crypto channels, I would tell you they are really popular and this popularity will grow even more. I want you to be aware of all the risks that will wait for you if you choose the wrong channel. 

Check out the reasons why do people prefer cryptocurrency over usual money –

1. Past Experience –

It is very important to choose the experienced trader. You don’t want to receive fake signals, right? That is why always check the channel and this will help you to understand the experience of the main trader or traders.

2. Cross Promotions –

This is the red flag! If you see different ads for other coins or channels, it will mean that the channel doesn’t earn a lot on trading and try to get some money from advertising. 

3. Free Crypto Signals –

This is very important and will help you to see if the signals are profitable. Find all the signals and check them. You can compare the results to the results of the provider and see how fair he is.

Please, check everything before paying the subscription. If you think that the channel you want to work with is good, you need to check it anyway – pay for 1 month and check their signals, profits – don’t invest a lot. And if after this month you see that you like the results, communication, etc., buy the further subscriptions. 

I hope that cryptocurrency will bring only benefits to your life! 

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